Nvidia Shield TV: the 9.0.2 update fixes a lot of bugs

Nvidia is continuing to fix Shield TV bugs that have existed since the move to Android 11, releasing the 9.0.2 update today. It does not bring any particular novelty, but it remains important in view of the patches.

Changes in Update 9.0.2 for Shield TV

Here is the long list improvements and other bug fixes that can be found with the 9.0.2 update for Nvidia’s Shield TV:


  • Added Plex support for latest Hauppauge WinTV-dualHD DVB-T tuner (EU only)
  • Added useful notifications when connecting or formatting removable storage media.


  • [Shield TV 2019 uniquement] Fixed a bug where AI upscaling could not be changed in the Netflix app.
  • Fixed an issue where other video apps were using the refresh rate set in Kodi.
  • Resolves issue playing Dolby Vision content when Phillips TVs are connected.
  • Adds “Default to Rec. 709 for HD videos” to improve the color of videos (enabling this option may cause crashes in apps like Apple TV+ or Paramount+).


  • [Shield TV 2019 uniquement] Addresses audio dropout issues on Bluetooth or USB headsets when Dolby audio processing is enabled.
  • Fixed a bug where the surround upmixer stopped working after playing Dolby audio streams.
  • Resolves audio issues when connecting headphones to the 2015 Shield TV controller


  • Improved file transfer speed
  • Fixed a bug when copying files over the local network from a Mac to removable storage on Shield TV.
  • Fixed an issue where migrating data from internal storage to adopted storage would hang indefinitely.
  • Resolves issue where files copied over local network are not visible until Shield TV is restarted
  • Resolves issue where Dolphin emulator could not write to NAS
  • Resolves issue where SD card notification was showing when launching apps
  • Fixes the issue where the documents interface cannot access external storage folders.


  • Resolves Dual Shock 3, Xbox One S, Xbox Series S/X and Switch Pro controller pairing issue.
  • Fixes issue where Xbox 360 controllers would send D-Pad commands twice
  • Fixes an issue where Bluetooth headsets would not disconnect in sleep mode after enabling the feature.


  • Fixes some cases where the Shield TV would not go to sleep when receiving a command via HDMI-CEC.


  • [Shield TV 2015 et 2017] Fixes crashing issue with Google Play games
  • Fixed a bug affecting streaming on Twitch with NVIDIA Share.
  • Fixes “database insert failure” bug when recording video with NVIDIA Share
  • Fixes issue when capturing screenshots in GeForce NOW using NVIDIA Share
  • Fixes the issue where the DVR function of the Channels app was not recording correctly.
  • Fixed a bug in the Mouse Toggle app where the select button was not detected.
  • Fixed a bug where the system would hang when going to the home screen after “matching frame rate” in Kodi.
  • Fixes crash caused by database issues on apps like CW, Atresplayer and SVT Play.
  • Fixes a localization issue with the Canadian language selection of energy start timers.

The update is available now for download. Note that Nvidia also shares a list of known issues:

  • Reconnection issues on Xbox Elite 2 controllers.
  • Incorrect free space reports using SMB server function on Shield TV.
  • AI upscaling does not work when streaming GeForce NOW content in 1080p HDR.
  • Resolution is capped at 1080p when using ADB for screen capture.
  • Unable to sign in to Google or Netflix accounts using a restricted profile.
  • Change in mapping (stretched vs black bars) of 16:9 content to 16:10 display behavior since version 8.2.3.
  • When the refresh rate selector is enabled with the network debugging function, pop-up windows asking for device permission for the network debugger appear randomly.
  • NowTV streaming problem
  • Pairing and key mapping issues with the Razer Serval bluetooth controller

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Nvidia Shield TV: the 9.0.2 update fixes a lot of bugs

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