“Our smart glasses are intended to become a sensor platform capable of monitoring health” (Philippe Peyrard, Ellcie Healthy)

If Ellcie Healthy was born in 2016 it is because its founder, after more than twenty-five years spent in optics, still couldn’t get over glasses, ” which equip more than 75% of bipeds on this planet, cannot be used for anything other than to house corrective lenses “. An observation that leads Philippe Peyrard to look more seriously at the subject and to imagine ” housing sensors in the face and in the temples of the glasses “. So done. And this in particular by relying on research laboratories, thus helping to show that the links between companies and laboratories do indeed exist.

Labs and large groups to perform

Today we are based in the Sophia-Antipolis basin and it is true that it is the French Valley basin that allows us to work with excellent labs, particularly on artificial intelligence issues. And since the start of Ellcie Helathy, partnerships have been signed with various labs such as Lamess in Nice on bio-mechanical issues or LEAT in Sophia-Antipolis on artificial intelligence issues,” notes Philippe Peyrard. And, it is far from being a one-time help. ” It’s a real supplement. If we bring together about twenty collaborators, thanks to the laboratories it is rather a team of 40 people who work on the Ellcie Healthy project “, underlines the leader of the startup.

Which therefore integrates about fifteen sensors which makes it possible to recover physical, physiological and environmental data. ” And all of this data, which is processed by a small chip, allows us to warn the wearer of the dangers he is running “. With problems addressed which are falling asleep at the wheel, falls in the elderly or isolated people.

As soon as a problem is detected, the glasses emit a ringtone and a beep, which warn the wearer.

Spotted by Google

But in addition to the labs, there are other partnerships that help the startup to develop, such as rapprochements with large groups. If Valéo has already been an interlocutor in particular on the problem of falling asleep at the wheel, it is the Orange operator which has also put Ellcie Healthy in its catalog, after, explains Philippe Peyrard, several months of tests. ” The agility that can be brought is of interest to large groups “. And not just any, mixes with the international since a subsidiary of Google was interested in the expertise of the young French shoot. ” They were looking for a bezel that would calibrate a new device to be launched on the healthcare market. By touring innovations around the world, it was our small French company that was able to provide them with the service they were looking for. “.

Should we see a French Tech effect? And besides, is being labeled French Tech a real added value? Yes, replies, without hesitation, Philippe Peyrard. ” Not that this always translates into cold hard cash, but there is a very special aura of French Tech internationally. And that we measure it since our products are marketed in Australia, in Japan, in Europe, than in the United States or in Canada. We have a beautiful image, we must continue to develop it, but Clara Chappaz (director general of the mission at the national level Editor’s note) does the job perfectly.”

Become a health platform

Ellcie Helathy who is obviously working on her own growth. Which requires the integration of even more sensors – and on this point, the startup is looking for funds that could help it go faster – ” in order to add additional functionalities, so that our glasses are a sensor platform that is able to monitor health. Our bezel tomorrow had to be multisensory to retrieve body temperature and cardiac information so as to warn as soon as there is a malfunction”. A deployment that also goes abroad, notably Japan or the United States, which remain interesting markets.

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