Presidential: campaign report

Posted Apr 8, 2022, 6:02 AM

Our democracy is slowly but surely crumbling. Projections for the second round of the presidential elections show around 55% for Emmanuel Macron and 45% for Marine Le Pen, an openly pro-Putin candidate to the point that Russian banks have financed the National Rally. These figures thus reveal a tipping point at 6% of voters. If the latter decided to switch from Macron to Le Pen, France would sink into the camp of authoritarian and nauseating regimes.

This 45% of the second round in favor of the crypto-nostalgics of Vichy poses an arithmetic problem since the addition of the votes of the first round of Le Pen and Zemmour does not make it possible to reach this figure, which would draw the complement from Valérie Pécresse but also at Mélenchon, whose voice pool obviously contains angry people who are not afraid of fascism. Russian intelligence had understood this, they who made France one of the priority targets of their infiltration and disinformation offensives. Rightly so, since if we add the votes of the candidates who are not hostile to Putin, we obtain, oh surprise, a clear majority. It remains to be seen who the 30% of abstainers lean towards, many of whom are apparently tired of having to vote against someone rather than for someone.

A truncated campaign

Luckily, Emmanuel Macron’s term of office, which is coming to an end, will not have been marked by political and financial affairs like others before him. On the other hand, the impression that dominates is that the public authorities have not sought to free themselves from large private interests and lobbies, like that of the hunt, which has an open table at the Elysée. The McKinsey affair poses less a problem of collusion than of the competence of a State apparatus which must draw from foreign consulting firms an intelligence or expertise which we realize it lacks. We are talking about colossal sums which are enough on their own to open a debate on the State’s ability to deal with complex issues on its own while waiting for developments in artificial intelligence to question its very essence.

So here is a truncated electoral campaign which ends without any of the real long-term subjects having been mentioned, sticking to this famous purchasing power, the last power to which citizens in perdition would be attached, and to security, this sea serpent which by dint of polluting the elections ends up drinking the cup. By thinking better about the long term, the short term would become less emotional. If we had thought of the climate crisis and its energy issues in a prospective way, we would not have found ourselves in panic in front of Ali Baba and his 400 thieves. Contrary to what one might think, the Russian people who were the last to abolish serfdom are overwhelmingly behind them as they were behind Stalin, like what one can defraud a people ideologically, financially and retain their votes. Our extreme right has understood this well.

Facing uncertainty

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Presidential: campaign report

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