PS5 promo: excellent and inexpensive video games, our selection

News good plan PS5 promo: excellent and inexpensive video games, our selection

More and more players are looking to save money while having fun with the new titles. And on PS5, we can be happy to see the catalog grow and especially to see the prices drop! It’s shopping time!

Sony’s latest console got off to a rocky start. Indeed, between the difficult context linked to COVID-19 and the difficulty of routing the components, the PS5 console quickly found itself out of stock.

So in the beginning, people were mostly looking to PS4 games that benefited from an upgrade to next-gen. But, time has passed and the situation, although still a bit complicated for the PS5, many games have come to enrich the console’s library, and discounts have even appeared!

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Cheap PS5 games: selection of the best titles

Among all the titles currently available on promotion, there are particular games that stand out. Between reduction and competitive launch price, it is necessary to sort. We have made a selection of the best you can find right now.

A Plague Tale: Immerse yourself in medieval France ravaged by the Black Death

Strong points

  • A long, well-written, breathtaking, powerful adventure
  • Richer gameplay that offers enjoyable choices
  • Very nice graphics for various settings
  • A great musical atmosphere
  • The amazing end

Weak points

  • Infiltration mechanics still imperfect
  • It lacks a final coat of finish

A Plague Tale: Requiem is the game of confirmation. That of a sister’s faith in her little brother when the world crumbles at the footsteps of their defeat. Then, that of the great talent of Asobo Studios. Offering richer gameplay without upsetting the formula, this sequel never forgets the essentials in relation to the genre it targets. The infiltration mechanics can challenge, and we would have liked a final finishing coat, but none of the defects encountered tarnish our judgment: with Requiem, the Bordeaux studio delivers a great vintage. Dark red as death.

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Stray on pS5: play as a cat in the most feline adventure on PlayStation!

Strong points

  • The adorable protagonist
  • A wonderful universe to explore
  • A very nice soundscape
  • A pretty well done story

Weak points

  • Very basic puzzles
  • Supervised jumps
  • A short hair (6 o’clock in a straight line)

Stray’s main strengths lie in its adorable protagonist and its settings which are a joy to explore. Let’s add to that a nicely conducted narrative and a mystical atmosphere draped with beautiful synthesized melodies. There are still the puzzles, which are often too basic and the frustration of not being able to jump where we want, which prevent the game from reaching its full potential. Stray is nonetheless a very nice experience, perfect for the youngest and quite touching for adults.

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Gran Turismo 7 on PS5: one of the best simulation racing games on console!

Strong points

  • Single player progress
  • Driving pleasure
  • Accessibility, between aids and modes of difficulty
  • The right number of cars and tracks
  • The impact of the weather
  • It’s nice and clean
  • The competitive aspect of Sport mode
  • The photo mode and the livery editor, permissive and sharp

Weak points

  • Artificial intelligence, soulless
  • The repetitiveness of the “I start last” scenario in the single player mode
  • A system for calculating performance points that could be improved
  • Some rare lack of indication (weather forecast before a race for example)

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Strong points

  • A sense of tactics still as successful
  • Many very homogeneous gameplay possibilities
  • A really well thought out and enjoyable cooperation
  • The random aspect of each mission, which ensures its freshness
  • A successful visual and sound atmosphere
  • A well done and stimulating progression

Weak points

  • No real scripted frame, nor end
  • The retraining of operators (despite their efficiency)
  • Still minor AI issues from enemies

The greatest strong point of Extraction is undoubtedly to succeed in brilliantly mixing two distinctly different universes: on the one hand, the ultra-calculated military aspect of the Rainbow Six saga and, on the other, the tireless fashion of infected (or zombies) which has been attacking our favorite hobby for years. All is not perfect, however: we would have definitely liked a real scripted plot to give legitimacy to the whole, for example, but the pleasure obtained during a successful excursion by the sweat of his brow makes us largely forgive its few pitfalls.

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Far Cry 6: the exotic FPS with the sweet hints of Revolución!

Strong points

  • A charismatic villain AND hero
  • Significant efforts in terms of storytelling
  • A tasty atmosphere coupled with a successful artistic direction
  • A feeling that is still just as effective
  • A fully playable adventure for two

Weak points

  • Lots of new mechanics that are too optional
  • A redundancy in the objectives and the way of doing things
  • The evolution of the main character, less enjoyable than before

We can admit without difficulty that Far Cry 6 is a successful adventure, warm and in the vein of the previous episodes: if the scenario proves to be effective and tells us a pleasant revolution to go through, the latter is not what will represent either best this new episode with exotic settings, remaining in the traditional structure of the series. Its few real new features don’t drastically change the experience either; but the end result is no less pleasant, although hardly surprising: we therefore end up with a very efficient production, reviving the exotic atmosphere specific to the saga and supported by some commendable efforts in terms of narration. Solid Far Cry, no doubt.

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: the RPG from the cold and the land of the Drakkar

Strong points

  • An incredible immersion in 9th century England
  • The management of the colony, well integrated into the main framework
  • Narrative arcs with varied themes and well treated
  • The “old-fashioned” infiltration in certain cities
  • Achievement efforts on the cutscenes…

Weak points

  • … But the cutscenes/gameplay transitions still sometimes lack fluidity
  • The end, less brilliant than the rest of the adventure
  • Many small bugs that spoil the immersion

The bet seemed risky, but it paid off. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla offers an astonishing mix of all the formulas of the saga, managing to juggle between phases of wild raids on the one hand and infiltration into the heart of the crowd on the other, without one of its subsystems does not really seem to suffer from this multifaceted approach. A nice feat that comes with an adventure rich in exciting sub-stories, also supported by immersive and particularly well-integrated exploration and progression systems. In summary, if it sufficiently renews the experience of the saga thanks to a rich and functional overall design and an approach that should delight fans of the first hour, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla also retains some stigmata of its predecessors which prevent it from aim a little higher.

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Horizon: Forbidden West, the machine killer adventure continues

Strong points

  • DA and sumptuous universe
  • More enjoyable exploration
  • Strategic and lively combat
  • Talented storytelling
  • Exciting from start to finish

Weak points

  • A rather hasty conclusion
  • Small lack of real novelties

Building on an already very good first episode, Horizon Forbidden West hits the stars, becoming a true culmination for the Guerrilla Games studio formula but also for the “classic” open world genre in general. Fascinating from start to finish, with a universe with sumptuous artistic direction, better written and directed, and more engaging from the point of view of combat and exploration, the title is almost irreproachable on everything he undertakes, showing attention to detail at every moment. We can only regret a final conclusion that was a little quickly dispatched, and a lack of major new features. Not enough to spoil the wonderful adventure that awaits in the forbidden West. A truly exceptional title.

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PS5 promo: excellent and inexpensive video games, our selection

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