Robotic genius is a sign of economic strength

Robotics technology has grown rapidly in recent years, including emerging techniques such as artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G. It also stimulates the invention of new products and new applications likely to promote global economic development and the well-being of populations.

The 2022 Chinese Robotics Industry Development Report, released in August by the Institute of Electronics of China, estimates that the global robotics market will be worth $51.3 billion ($52.2 billion). euros) this year, with an average annual growth rate of 14% between 2017 and 2022. In value, this market will exceed 65 billion dollars by 2024, according to forecasts. The report predicts that the robotics market in China will be worth $17.4 billion this year, with an average annual growth rate of 22 percent over five years.

According to China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the industrial robot sector produced a record 366,000 robots last year, up 67.9 percent from 2020. of service robots climbed 48.9% to 9.21 million units last year. The industry of industrial robots, supported by a series of measures and the rapid development of emerging technologies, is showing strong growth and playing a key role in stimulating the advances recorded by the sector.

Many Chinese industrial robot companies are experiencing renewed demand for their products.

The new energy industry has reached a breaking point in the growth of robotics applications, said Zhang Lei, vice president of Siasun Robot & Automation Co, one of China’s largest robotics firms.

Linked to the strong development of new energies, the demand for industrial and mobile robots is increasing in China and Siasun is taking its part, said Mr. Zhang. “Our mobile robots are used on a large scale in the manufacturing plants of the main companies specializing in new energies”.

Chen Yu, a partner at Chinese venture capital firm Yunqi Partners, said he sees strong demand for robots in labor-intensive industries and where employees may be at high risk. “Few people like to work in these sectors. In addition, robots have great advantages over humans in terms of standardization, safety and intelligence”.

In the case of defect detection in industrial products, traditional manual inspection is expensive and inspectors are likely to miss problems or make mistakes, while machine vision applied to defect detection can greatly improve efficiency and accuracy, assure the experts. In the construction industry, workers are often exposed to harsh and difficult conditions such as working at heights, excessive dust, loud noise and toxic gases. By using robots, we obtain better efficiency and the safety of the workers is preserved, add the experts.

Furthermore, the effective digital technology that artificial intelligence provides is useful to all sectors as the digital economy gains in importance. Intelligent robot sensors can examine the environment and collect data, process information and make decisions using logical analysis and understanding, then react to situations and perform tasks, explains Mr Chen.

For Tao Yong, associate researcher at Beihang University in Beijing, “robotics is particularly important when it comes to promoting the shift from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing. Robots have become the basic hardware to make smart manufacturing a reality and an integral part of smart factories.”

To meet current needs, robots are upgraded without loss of time. Those of the new generation, based on the previous two generations, incorporate innovations in areas such as materials, energy and life sciences; they also increase human capacities.

With the help of exoskeleton robots, adults are able to lift objects weighing hundreds of pounds. Nanorobots are being designed to penetrate human tissue for diagnostics and sample collection. As their development progresses, robots should contribute to renewing the workforce.

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Robotic genius is a sign of economic strength

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