Saint-Brieuc – Commerce in downtown Saint-Brieuc: the strategy of the municipality seen by artificial intelligence ChatGPT

It’s the “hype ” from the moment.ChatGPT

, the “conversational agent” based on artificial intelligence developed by the Californian start-up OpenAI, “would know everything”, would be “capable of doing everything”, and even of “finding a solution to any problem”. We therefore asked him: “How to solve the problems of small businesses, observed since at least 2010, in the city center of Saint-Brieuc? “.

Five proposals, as a strategy

ChatGPT’s response was quick. Here it is in its entirety.

“There is no one-size-fits-all solution to downtown Saint-Brieuc’s business problems, as specific problems may vary,” the robot assures. “However, some strategies have been successful in other cities.” And ChatGPT to deliver five proposals: “Encourage a diverse mix of local and national retailers to create a unique experience”, “support small businesses and encourage entrepreneurship”, “improve the accessibility of public transport and pedestrians in the center downtown”, “develop marketing campaigns to promote downtown as an entertainment and shopping destination” and “create a Business Improvement District (BID) or similar organization to provide business services and support” .

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to downtown Saint-Brieuc business problems, as the specific problems may vary.

“It is also important to consult with local stakeholders and collect data to understand the specific challenges Saint-Brieuc retailers face, and adapt solutions accordingly,” concludes ChatGPT.

And in detail?

Point by point, the five tracks put forward by the robot are all found in the work and policies undertaken by the municipality. “In town, we must have a different customer experience from what we know in commercial areas”,repeated Mayor Hervé Guillard on September 13

. “Support for entrepreneurship” can be found, among other things, in aid for commercial establishment or the trade and crafts pass, with the Agglo.

“Improved accessibility”? This is the desired goal of TEO, which the municipality continues to deploy, always with the Agglo. Work on the pedestrian path, or “ smart griffin », the communication is recurrent. And is not limited to shopping: “The element that triggers the visit is no longer shopping. We come more to stroll, to take advantage of the entertainment, to meet up and have a drink… The act of purchase, it comes after”,recently detailed trade assistant Nicolas Nguyen . As for the “BID”, we find it very close in terms of the objectives of real estate property or initiatives of the “showroom for investors” type. As for the conclusion, the trade roadmap” of the municipality

seems to operate the same levers.

* Hype: which is at the forefront of fashion, at the forefront (Dictionnaires Le Robert).

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Saint-Brieuc – Commerce in downtown Saint-Brieuc: the strategy of the municipality seen by artificial intelligence ChatGPT

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