Shopping with Siri? Apple excludes this possibility!

Artificial intelligence can be used for a lot of things to relieve us of daily tasks. We can program a reminder, turn on the light in our living room, open the shutters in the morning when we wake up, send a message without touching our smartphone… What Apple also wanted was to offer the possibility of buying applications on the App Store or subscribe to services from a Siri request. A project that unfortunately ended in failure.

Siri will never be able to make a purchase

According to a media report The InformationApple developers had received the mission in 2019 to work on requests from Siri which was to allow make purchases on the App Store. Requests of the type:

  • “Hey Siri, download the Visa France application”
    “Download the app for €8.99?”
  • “Hey Siri, subscribe to the Apple TV+ subscription”
    “Subscribe to Apple TV+ at €4.99/month?”

If this basic idea had been well thought out and would have made it possible to offer a added value compared to competing voice assistants, Apple finally decided to permanently discontinue the development of these new queries.
Why this choice ? Because of privacy which could not have been met according to the requirements of Apple’s management.

siri ios 14

Indeed, authorizing a voice assistant to buy virtual content or take out monthly renewal subscriptions requires link an Apple ID to a request from Siri.
The problem that arose during development is that since the creation of the famous apple assistant, the requests that arrive on Apple’s servers are totally anonymousi.e. an internal person cannot know who is behind a voice.

By causing a link between the request and a transaction on the App Store, there is necessarily adding Apple ID which must be integrated into the process, since it requires a means of payment which is necessarily present on your Apple ID.

By continuing in this direction, the Cupertino company would have been forced to to betray its golden rule: all Siri requests must be anonymous to respect the privacy of users in the Apple ecosystem.
If the developers were very motivated by this small revolution that Siri would have brought, the leaders of Apple preferred do not follow up to this development, believing that since there were no other authentication solutions, it could never see the light of day!

The Apple Watch also posed a problem with similar concerns

The report also reveals that the Apple Watch has sparked some privacy scares. Indeed, it integrates the functionality “Raise Wrist” which automatically triggers the voice assistant when you raise your wrist and speak loudly near the Apple Watch microphone.
Apple management issued a apprehension concerning confidentiality, because the company suspected that certain activations of Siri by mistake were going to happen!
Finally, this function managed to successfully pass the validation steps for integration into watchOS. Like what Apple sometimes manages to make exceptions…

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Shopping with Siri? Apple excludes this possibility!

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