Sony A7R V: low light, stabilization, autofocus, all to know

A new addition to the Sony A7R family! The fifth generation of the full frame camera returns and is called A7R V, with a 61 MP sensor and a series of improvements that its customers have been waiting for. As a reminder, the Sony Alpha 7R differ from A7S by their sensor with a much higher resolution (61 MP vs 12 MP). One is more suitable for photography (R range) and the other for video (S range).

3 years old, the fourth generation of the case mirrorless therefore leaves room for the new Sony A7R V which also sees its price increase. It is available at 4500 euros instead of the 4000 euros of the old generation. But in a context of inflation and in view of its improvements, we are far from a carbon copy. Pre-orders open today. To know everything, here are all the new features of the Sony A7R V explained.

The Sony Alpha range

The Sony A7R V in 5 new features

New ultra-powerful processor

As on smartphones, the improvements of a hybrid reflex type camera could not advance at the same rate without going through the software. And so the processor. Sony integrates its new Bionz XR chip, which replaces the Bionz X. As you will see, it allows you to go further in performance, especially in video, but also to improve autofocus. Sony continues its journey towards more and more artificial intelligence which makes it possible to simplify the task of the user.

Improved autofocus

On the one hand, there is the number of AF points, which goes from 567 to 693, compared between the Sony A7R IV and Sony A7R V. But on the other, above all, there is the software improvement. The autofocus passes a gap on the new device which now manages to understand by itself the subject it is photographing or filming, whether it is an animal, a bird, but also an insect, a bird, a car, a train, a plane… Improvements thanks to artificial intelligence make it possible to switch from a follow-up mode to a one-off mode by switching from one type of photo to another (from a landscape photo to an animal photo for example), to not only consider a face, to recognize a human even with his back turned.

low light

Another point on which Sony must redouble its efforts on the A7R range: low light. Inevitably, with an ultra-defined photo sensor, the sensitivity is lower. A 13 MP sensor with larger pixels is much more sensitive and can therefore shoot at night and play with ISO without problems. It’s more complicated for the Sony A7R but this new generation improves this point. Thanks in particular to the software, as on smartphones, which reworks the final rendering.

Better stabilization

The other pillar Sony has been working on is stabilization. To obtain a sharp image without motion blur, the Sony A7R V goes from 5.5 stops to 8 stops. The witness of a real difference thanks to a sensor suspended on 5 axes and which will clearly improve the experience.

Moreover, Sony announces improvements to its Pixel shift mode, which allows you to take several photos and stitch them together to obtain an image with even greater resolution. Thanks to improved stabilization, the Pixel shift will be even easier to use, perhaps even without a tripod.

© Sony

Articulated screen, cooling

We would have liked to see Sony work on its burst mode again and go beyond 10 frames per second. But of course, this performance is only used by a small number of customers, who are already turning to other more specific products.

On the other hand, a wider audience will be delighted to learn that Sony now offers a screen on a ball joint with the possibility of rotating it on 4 axes. Ideal for taking a photo from above, at ground level, or in selfie mode (especially in video). Still in terms of design, the new chassis (taken from the A7 S3) would also be more efficient for cooling. Sony guarantees video for 30 minutes without overheating.

The Sony A7R V in pictures

  • 61 MP
  • Up to ISO 102400
  • 8 stop stabilization
  • 693 focus points
  • 10 fps burst
  • RAW burst up to 184 (compressed) and 83 uncompressed

The Sony A7R V on video

  • 8K24p
  • 4K60p
  • 10bit/4:2:2
  • 16bit RAW in external recording
  • S-Log3/S-Cinetone

As a reminder, the new Sony A7R V is available from 4500 euros and its pre-orders open today. The Japanese brand continues to update its range and we recently saw a new addition to the family of consumer cameras dedicated to young creators and youtubers: Sony ZV-1F.

The Sony Alpha range

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Sony A7R V: low light, stabilization, autofocus, all to know

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