Star Citizen Monthly Report: March 2022 Monthly Report

Star Citizen’s monthly reports provide an overview of the work carried out by the various development teams over the past month. Here are the key takeaways from the March 2022 report.

Artificial Intelligence (Content)

The behavior of beverage vendor (Editor’s note: usually referred to as the coffee vendor in previous reports) has been finalized.

The work on that of food vendor end, the team preparing the user guide for the feature, for the benefit of the teams in charge of the premises.

The behaviors of tourist and of Touristic guide have been corrected, in preparation for a future event.

The behaviors of securityas well as those for the use of ATMs and arcade cabinetsare in the final stages of their development.

Artificial Intelligence (Features)

The team has improved the operating logic that underpins the use of objects by non-player characters in different positions. Thus, different animations can be used if the character is standing, crouching or lying down.

The situations in which a character must urgently abandoning interaction with an object have been taken into account, with the implementation of various animations.

Non-player characters now have the ability to Give the alert when they discover a dead body.

Artificial Intelligence (Technologies)

Following the completion of the first iteration of planetary navigation the previous month, the team considered feedback from other teams on this feature. Thus, a priority system of navigation network update was set up, taking into account the position of players, non-player characters and vehicles.

The developers are continuing their work on the reinforcement landings (non-players), which requires not only setting up landing and take-off phases for the ships, but also a dynamic study of the surrounding terrain to find where to take cover.

The possibility for non-player characters to use carts continues its development.

Subsumption’s editing tool is continuously improved.

The effort continues to reduce synchronization for character movement between clients and server.

Artificial Intelligence (Vehicle Features)

The team seeks to make more human and more dynamic flight behaviors.

A attack tactics of a fighter group against a capital ship is in development.


The team worked on the face animation for ship-related characters, and on the specialized mining tool.

Art (Characters)

From clothes for Pyro and the Nine Tails are in the works.

One backpack on the theme of recycling is being prepared for subscribers.

Art (Vessels)

Hull A is now complete.

The Scorpius cockpit has been finalized.

The exterior of the Merchantman is in the research and development phase.

Of the three unrevealed vehicles:

  • The first one is almost finished
  • The second is in the process of greybox
  • The last begins its phase of white box (i.e. it just went into production)

Regarding the Vulture, additional work has been done to take into account the repair gameplay (Editor’s note: this is the first time that the Vulture has been associated with this gameplay). An interface has also been created to control the different recycling modes.

The Corsair continues its development, with advancements on the cockpit, foyer, crew quarters, turret interiors, engineering room and exterior.

game engine

Concerning the soft bodiesa new approach has been implemented.

Changes have been proposed for the implementation of physical damage.

The transition to Gen12 continues.

The code quality of the engine core has been improved.

Features (Arena Commander)

A team Arena Commander was set up and reviewed known bugs to set short-term priorities.

The redesign of the function of radar and scanner is almost over.

The tool for implementing doors and control panels is being improved, which will allow more reliable interactions with vehicles and space stations in the future.

Features (Weapons)

The team took into account some of the feedback from the Evocatis, particularly with regard to the inventories.

the grenade throw should be more reliable and predictable.

Features (Gameplay)

The team took into account some of the players’ feedback on the refueling.

Progress has been made on the recycling interface (salvage).

In order to explain the engineering gameplay to the different teams, a demonstration scene was created, with a battery, an energy generator and a lamp.

The life support system generators are now able to convert CO2 into oxygen, and create a vacuum in a room.

Features (Mission)

The team fixed bugs for the sale of objects and for the legal system and hostility.

Features (Vehicles)

In addition to supplies, the team worked on a warp weapon rebalancing, which should negatively affect ships more than directly disable them. The developers are awaiting player feedback on these changes.

For the Scorpius and the Hull A, the developers had to use the new ship animation and state technologies.

The team is conducting an in-depth investigation into the sync issues of the persistent universe, with substantial improvements deployed on the test servers.


The team mainly focused on a future event, which will contain new mission locations.

Locations (Europe)

From new places are being created, at different stages of development.

The colonial outposts are almost complete, with more variations and modules.

New spatial locations, deemed interesting by the developers, have entered pre-production.

A new iteration underground facilities and caves are in the process of white box.

The decommissioned space stationsplanned for the release of Pyro, are also in the phase of white box.

Places (Montreal)

The camps set up around the Reclaimer wrecks continue to develop, with the integration of three functional missions.

600i and Mercury wrecks are progressing and the team is looking to enable their recycling.

Part of the team started creating space missions in a Reclaimer.

Grim HEX Hospital has been expanded to accommodate the influx of players while the JumpTown event is running. The number of rooms has increased from 3 to 60.

The team is working on revamping Lorville. The capital of Hurston should grow significantly and will allow more room for building interiors.


The scenario of a new event is being implemented.

The team is working on new shops and brandsfrom a list drawn up by the design teams.

Joint work is being carried out with the artificial intelligence team to set up a system that should bring more life to the universe.


The team works on both items for an upcoming event and on others for the community.

animation techniques

The main effort has focused on the face system revamp DNA. In the longer term, this improvement should expand the variety of the base face pool and create believable and diverse characters.

New faces have been scanned and are being integrated.

Tools (Montreal)

Progress has been made on the procedural generation toolwhich will speed up the production of certain locations, such as outposts, shipwrecks, caves, and underground facilities.

A biome integration tool is also in the works so that the places blend in better with their surroundings.

User interface

The team is progressing on long-term projects: the overhaul of the viewfinderfrom radar and some star map.

Special effects

Progress has been made on the hull recycling and repair.

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Star Citizen Monthly Report: March 2022 Monthly Report

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