Survive in a data-driven world


The Data World Survival Guide, written by Benot Cayla, provides a 360 panorama of data management principles, concepts and technologies.

Editions ENI have just published a book entitled La Data – Survival Guide to the World of Data, written by Benot Cayla. Intended for all those involved in projects integrating data, this book provides a comprehensive overview of the issues, concepts and solutions involved in the management and enhancement of data.

AdvertisingThis is an ambitious work that has just been published by ENI, around the now unavoidable theme of data. Through this book entitled La Data – Survival guide in the world of data, the author Benot Cayla has indeed sought to design a practical manual to approach the data universe as a whole, not under a particular prism, but many globally, by reviewing all the principles and concepts that underpin it.

In the introduction, Benot Cayla underlines the major shift that computing has taken over the past ten years. From a focus on processes, it has indeed shifted towards what he calls the era of the deal, a completely different world in which it is a question of dealing with increasingly complex problems. To answer this, the solution is no longer just in this or that language. The answer, moreover, no longer lies in the rigorous way of processing information, but rather in the information itself , points out the author, who notes a little further on that current programs are very often simple taxis of date.

From storage to recovery by AI

A computer engineer by training, Benot Cayla has more than twenty years of experience in the world of data. He has notably worked for players such as IBM, Informatica and Tableau and he currently holds the position of technical leader in charge of technological alliances for the EMEA zone at RPA publisher Blue Prism. With its guide, its objective is not to add a new book to all those describing existing data management solutions. Nor is it to return to the tsunami of data and all the analyzes accompanying this observation, which have now become obvious. Finally, it does not seek to detail the use cases around the data, because the data concerns absolutely all the use cases. No, the goal of Benot Cayla is rather to provide a cement between these works, a practical guide for those who want […] set foot in the world of data.

His survival guide, written from a pragmatic point of view, provides a virtually 360 panorama of this famous world of the deal. Organized into seven major chapters, it first reviews the fundamental concepts, definition and properties of a datum. It then discusses the notion of persistence and presents the different technologies used to ensure it, in particular the different types of databases. The third chapter focuses on integration issues, while the fourth focuses on the analysis and quality of data. Logically, the next chapter deals with governance. The author then discusses the possibilities for enhancing data through artificial intelligence, ending with a chapter devoted to major data management solutions, which details the main existing architectures: data warehouses, data lakes, master data repositories, data hub and EDI platforms. A glossary is also included at the end of the book to help readers less familiar with the field to acquire vocabulary.

AdvertisingAccording to the author, the book is aimed at anyone wishing to better understand the world of data and to approach it in a concrete way. They are both students and data professionals (engineers, data scientists), but also developers, project managers and of course chief data officers – all professions born of this new data-driven world or transformed by it.

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Survive in a data-driven world

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