Ten biggest climate tech investors in Tel Aviv.

Israel, which is often referred to as the Startup Nation for its prowess in everything related to new technologies, from software to cybertechnology, artificial intelligence and semiconductors, is lagging behind other other countries in the area of ​​climate technologies. But that is clearly changing, as decision-makers, like citizens around the world, realize that this is a major and urgent challenge.

Israeli entrepreneurs are “attracted” by problems considered insoluble, says Dror Bin, Director of the Israel Innovation Authority, on the sidelines of the meeting. “They love anything ‘mission impossible’. »

When this challenge is combined with huge market demand and capital, and on the basis that climate affects all aspects of human life and activity, they become 100% committed, he explains. -he.

“I am sure that many Israeli entrepreneurs and investors will take an interest in these questions,” Bin told the Times of Israel“and be at the forefront” of these technologies.

Additionally, climate tech spans a wide range of sectors like food, smart mobility, and energy, giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase their talent in the area that interests them most.

Israeli startups are already leaders in certain areas, such as precision agriculture, alternative proteins, smart mobility or new materials, he says.

“We believe that we will soon have a strong ecosystem on all these issues,” he adds. “I never miss an opportunity, in meetings or elsewhere, to invite entrepreneurs, investors, government agencies and universities to take an interest in this field. »

Organized by the non-profit NGO PLANETech – a consortium formed by the Israel Institute for Innovation and the Business Group – the fair was held in partnership with the Israel Innovation Authority.

More than 1,500 Israeli attendees were expected to learn about the work of around 100 climate tech startups and companies, according to a statement from the organizers, released ahead of the event.

The event attracted five of the world’s ten largest investors involved in climate technologies, including Energy Impact Partners, Plug and Play Ventures and ENGIE New Ventures.

According to its organizers, one of the main objectives of the fair was to recall the importance of climate technologies and present the most innovative solutions that Israeli industry had to offer.

Ilana Trombka, Director General of the Federal Senate of Brazil, said she came to share her experience in gender equality and innovative solutions with Israel.

“There are a lot of startups here, all involved in responding to climate change,” along with people who need solutions, she said. “If we get together, it will be easier to solve the problems. »

According to PLANETech, there are 694 climate tech startups in Israel, across a variety of sectors including energy, mobility, agriculture, food, circular economy and water.

One in seven startups created in 2021 was in climate technology, PLANETech said in its latest report, or 14% of the total number of startups in Israel – 9% the previous year.

According to figures provided by the Israel Innovation Authority, investment in Israeli climate technology companies, in the first half of 2022, reached nearly $1.5 billion. For the whole of 2021, the figure is close to $2.5 billion, compared to just over $1.5 billion in 2020.

These numbers are still relatively small compared to the huge sums invested in other technology sectors in Israel.

Total investment in Israel’s tech sector reached $25.6 billion in 2021. But the trend is clearly on the rise.

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Ten biggest climate tech investors in Tel Aviv.

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