Thanks to AI, this Internet user simulated a trip to New York from A to Z

An American Internet user used Stable Diffusion, an artificial intelligence boosted with machine learning, to simulate a month of his life. In particular, he invented a whole trip to New York and an imaginary friend. His relatives fell into the trap.

Last October, Kyle Vorbach, a content creator based in Los Angeles, used Stable Spread to generate a new profile picture. For those who don’t know, Stable Diffusion is an artificial intelligence capable of creating images, like hyper-realistic montages, based on a simple description.

Thanks to the’machine learning, it only takes a few seconds to generate realistic photos. The icing on the cake, Stable Diffusion is accessible free of chargemirroring fashionable solutions such as Dall-E or Midjourney.

The Internet user did not immediately manage to design a convincing profile photo. After several hours of getting started, Kyle Vorbach turned to a cloned version of Stable Diffusion, more sophisticated and powerful than the free version. In the video above, Kyle explains that he powered the AI ​​with powerful graphics cards to achieve a convincing result.

To generate realistic images, the creator first fed the artificial intelligence with a database of hundreds of photos of his face. In the same way, he also trained the program to design images of his dog. To achieve successful images, Kyle realized that it was easier to train the AI ​​using the name of a celebrity whose face is similar to his. In this case, he chose Ryan Gosling.

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A journey imagined by AI

With these various tricks, Kyle finally managed to generate a portrait, both elegant and very believable, of himself. This is ” one of the best photos i’ve ever taken, and i never even had to leave my room “Enthuses the videographer in the video.

Very happy with the result obtained, Kyle wanted to push the experience further. For the next four weeks, the young man only posted AI-generated photos on his social media. Thanks to these invented images, he was able to fool his relatives without the slightest problem.

Kyle explains having simulated an entire trip to New York by posting photos on Instagram. Artificial intelligence has notably designed photos of the interior of an airplane, a slice of pizza or a walk in Central Park. Each image was posted on Instagram without anyone realizing the deception. His relatives were convinced that he had gone to New York.

an imaginary friend

With Stable Diffusion, Kyle even invented a friend from A to Z. The program generated the face of this imaginary friend before developing several selfies with Kyle by his side. Kyle’s face, his friend’s face and the background were all designed by AI. Again, everyone saw nothing but fire.

“I used AI to generate a whole fake trip to New York where I met my friend, who was also generated with AI. Everyone believed my photos were real”explains Kyle.

Unfortunately, the young man realized that the photos generated by the AI ​​did not generate as many reactions as the real shots published on his account. According to some relatives interviewed by Kyle, Instagram photos were deeply boring.

“I realized that if you don’t know my posts are fake, then they seem incredibly boring”admits the Internet user.

Finally, the game is not really worth the candle, says Kyle. According to him, creating compelling images is excessively time-consuming. Clearly, it takes as much time to simulate events as to actually experience them.

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Thanks to AI, this Internet user simulated a trip to New York from A to Z

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