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While we are only a few days away from the electoral campaign, health professionals are already receiving notifications from the Ministry of Health to order their doses of vaccine for the 4th dose. Even if at the moment it’s only open for old people, the obligation of the 4th dose is inevitable according to Véran and other health officials. Delfraissy considers the Omicron BA.2 to be the currently dominant variant in the world, statement confirmed by WHO.

Pfizer considers that the 4th dose will be mandatory to provide good protection during the summer period until autumn and that a fifth dose may be needed as new subvariants of Omicron emerge. Thereby, the Omicron XE, a variant discovered in India, is 10% more contagious than BA.2, the latter being the most contagious in the world today. However, the Omicron XE has mainly hit at the local level, but the evolution of viruses being by nature uncertain, XE could be a problematic variant during the summer period and especially for the coming winter.

The 4th dose will also be associated with the health pass like previous supplemental doses. Véran remained vague on the terms, but confirmed that it was only a break and that “everything would resume as before” as soon as the elections were over. Given the mixed success of the 3rd dose, especially after parents (only 5% of children vaccinated), the 4th dose risks having incalculable consequences if it is imposed too quickly and too brutally, according to a member of the Scientific Council, who preferred to remain anonymous. According to this source, it is better to wait until the epidemic resumes so that people get vaccinated of their own volition.

The health pass could be used to ration possible shortages and to fight against inflation according to Barbara Pompili, Minister of Ecology and Bruno Le Maire. Declarations of lip service, but which remain a possibility for the government. We are thinking in particular of fuel rationing according to the level of your sanitary pass, but also price reductions for your heating.

For a consulting firm working with the Ministry of Agriculture, it is obvious that we will need a points system or something similar to avoid speculation from vendors and vendors, but also so that the entire population can eat and heat properly. The latter, adding that the external pressures, caused by the crisis in Ukraine combined with an inflation which was well before, risks causing a gigantic increase in poverty in France.

Currently, we have almost 30% of French who skip 1 or 2 meals a day due to increased poverty. With the new pressures of shortage and inflation, this could increase to 40 or 50% of the French population who would not have enough to eat. A food or energy pass would be a good solution for many analysts. Firstly, it would help to socialize the difficulties of daily lifeby preventing the rich from fattening up like pigs while the others die with their mouths open.

Borloo, coming out of his biodynamic cave for 5 years, saw red in the face of anti-passes. We are at war and we have already experienced rationing to prevent it from always being the same people who die he exclaimed during this interview. If we need a food and energy pass, then we will do it no offense to those who only know how to criticize.

So, a 4th dose in exchange for his daily bread? This could become a reality in the coming months.

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The 4th generalized dose from mid-May 2022 – News Houssenia Writing

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