The Cheezam app can recognize cheeses by a simple photo!

Camembert, brie, blue, tomme de brebis, emmental, gruyère… You don’t always know the exact name of the cheese you are about to taste? To help you, the Cheezam application allows you to recognize any cheese by a simple photo. History of not making a whole cheese out of it (and it is the case to say it…).

To finally recognize exactly a cheese, discover Cheezam! Credit: iStock

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Firm, melting, runny, young, aged, fragrant… There are so many cheeses that you don’t know where to start! According to Charles de Gaulle, there are nearly 258 varieties of cheese, if only in France. Others even claim that there are between 1200 and 2380! So it’s not easy to make choices. Whether you prefer cow’s milk, goat’s milk or even sheep’s milk, it doesn’t matter, everyone finds their account. Especially since eating cheese would allow us to live longer according to a serious study. So we don’t hesitate to make a small cheese platter for fun.

But how to recognize them as there are so many? Simply thanks to Cheezam! Based on the same principle as Shazam, the application that recognizes music, this new artificial intelligence makes it possible to identify the different varieties of cheese by a simple photo. No more need to make a whole cheese out of it when you will not agree with your guests on the name of the cheese you are about to devour!

Cheezam, the Shazam of cheese (and it’s the idea of ​​the century)

The Cheezam application is able to identify the different cheeses with a simple photo. Credit: Cheezam/Instagram

If we are quite capable of differentiating between a Tomme de Savoie and a Camembert (which is no longer the favorite cheese of the French), sometimes we have doubts about the appellation of certain cheeses. To finally decide on the question, only one application: Cheezam. Created by a French start-up,, in partnership with Isahit, another French start-up (obviously, we are the country of cheese), this artificial intelligence can recognize a multitude of cheeses, simply by taking a picture of them . Cheese lovers will be delighted!

Cheezam: but how does it work?

How does Cheezam work? Credit: iStock

To use this application, nothing could be simpler: just download it for free on IOS or Android, take a picture of the cheese (for example a piece of reblochon), and the artificial intelligence does its job. She will give you the name of the cheese you are having trouble with, with a “certainty index ranging from 0 to 100”.

At the moment, Cheezam is still in the experimental phase so it is possible that there are some errors. If you think the app is wrong, you can send a photo with the exact name of the cheese to the creators to update or fix their database to make the artificial intelligence even smarter. To you the more or less caloric cheese platters and to pass for a cheese pro!

The app even offers wine/cheese pairings!

And because we often accompany (but in moderation) cheese with wine, Cheezam also has plenty of advice for us! The application will feed our knowledge on cheese but also on “how to pair it” with wine. You know what you have left to do. Download Cheezam and, above all, don’t forget to say “cheese” before taking the picture!

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The Cheezam app can recognize cheeses by a simple photo!

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