The first episode of the Halo series available for free

After the Halo TV series was released in the United States, Paramount+ decided to share the first episode for free. The first episode of Halo is fully available on YouTube.

Canal+ has confirmed that the Halo series will be broadcast in France from April 28. It has already been broadcast on Paramount + on the other side of the Atlantic since March 24. In the meantime, Paramount+ has uploaded the first episode of Halo, which is around 55 minutes long, to YouTube for free.

As expected, the first episodes on YouTube are restricted to US users. However, you can bypass geo-restrictions by using a VPN or a browser extension that disables geo-restrictions on YouTube.

Good feedback about the movie

For the moment, the first assessment seems generally positive. Many people are waiting to see the rest of the episodes before making a decision. Netizens about the first show said: “Overall I enjoyed the episode. It’s very easy to spot the issues with the story, it feels like they’re making changes that don’t fit the overall scope of the franchise. Of course, I reserve my judgment until the airing of the other episodes”; “Halo deserves Game of Thrones-level work. pablo [Schreiber] is awesome as Master Chief and the series has potential, but we will need more”.

The next episode will therefore be crucial for the success of this ambitious series. Paramount+ hopes to attract more subscribers by sharing the first episode for free. The streaming service costs $4.99 per month in the US, but it’s not the most popular service.

Internet users can watch the first episode of Halo for free, and if they want to see the continuation of the adventures of The Master Chief, they can subscribe to Paramount +. The series will show the face of the Master Chief for the first time in 20 years.

Paramount’s new series should succeed in winning over fans of the video game franchise that has developed alongside gaming since 2001. Adapting video games to a television series has never been easier, but when it comes to is such an iconic franchise, it’s a lot more complicated.

Again, the story of the series is different from the video games, but it will fit right into the universe. The wars between the Covenant and humans also stand out.

Halo movie cast

In terms of artistic casting, star Pablo Schreiber (Orange is New Black) was cast as Master Chief. He will answer Natasha McElhone, in the role of Dr. Halsey. Cortana the Artificial Intelligence is played by Jen Taylor, who already provides the voice acting in the game. You can find Indian actress Shabana Azmi as Admiral Margaret Parangosky. You will also find the presence of Bokeem Woodbine and Yerin.

The episodes

Halo consists of at least 10 episodes. Initially, that was the number Showtime had planned, but after Paramount+ took over the rights, it’s possible the episode count could be reduced to nine. This information is specifically marked on the IMDB reference site.

Movie plots

Halo chronicles the clash between humans and an alien race called the Covenant Alliance in the 26th century. The official synopsis is as follows: The action takes place in the 26th century, humanity is then engaged in an intergalactic war against the Covenant. To tip the balance in our favor, Doctor Halsey (Natascha McElhone) creates the Spartans, genetically modified super-soldiers equipped with the latest technology to grant them superhuman abilities.

The series, like the game, focuses on the story of Spartan John-117 (Pablo Schreiber) known as “Master Chief.”

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The first episode of the Halo series available for free

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