The leap forward in artificial intelligence is panicking the tech planet

First of all, I must assure you that it is indeed me who wrote this column. You will understand why I bring this essential precision.

For the past week, the tech planet has been in turmoil around artificial intelligence software that goes by the sweet name of “ChatGPT3”. More than a million people around the world have already tested it, and are amazed.

This software developed by a Californian company, OpenAI, is capable of writing texts in a few seconds in several languages, on all subjects, from the most serious to the most eccentric, the first testers did not hesitate to do so. This conversation software adapts to the context, is able to answer all requests, including the question: “what is the meaning of life”.

A friend submitted to ChatGPT3 the subject of one of my columns last week, and the result is disconcerting: there is information, what sounds like reasoning, and even a greater caution of analysis than mine. All that’s missing is a point of view, which fortunately gives me a slight qualitative advantage when it comes to an editorial.

For years, we have been talking about artificial intelligence, and the concrete applications are not always perceptible to the general public. Advances in this area should change all that.

According to specialists, the power and quality of what ChatGPT3 produces is unparalleled so far. And we are already announced a fourth version next year, 500 times more powerful again, it’s dizzying! This will inevitably have an influence on all aspects of our lives, and our professions.

But it is also a political and even geopolitical issue. A few years ago, a leader prophesied that “whoever dominates artificial intelligence will dominate the world”. This leader is called … Vladimir Putin. The problem for him is that the game takes place essentially between Americans and Chinese, Europe having talents but not enough strike force.

Who is behind this new breakthrough? I won’t surprise you if I quote the name of Elon Musk, the boss of Tesla and Twitter, who was one of the first to financially support the OpenAI company that produces ChatGPT3. He is no longer involved today, and OpenAI has a special status as a “capped-profit” company, whose goal is to develop artificial intelligence for the benefit of humanity.

Beautiful ambition, but the stakes of power and power are never far away; the history of the internet, from idealistic beginnings to today’s manipulations, is a good example. Elon Musk is also so convinced that artificial intelligence will overtake us, that he has invested in research on the implantation of chips in the human brain to remain able to dialogue with machines. And he intends to establish one himself.

For now, ChatGPT3 amuses technophiles; but it is time for artificial intelligence to become a subject of public debate, a political subject, before it imposes itself on us in one way or another.

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The leap forward in artificial intelligence is panicking the tech planet

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