The Portal video game writer wants to make a third installment

The co-writer of the story of »Gate », Erik Wolpawwants to make a third installment of the video game Valve. In an interview, Wolpaw talked about the future of the “Portal” series, known for being one of the most interesting and imaginative puzzle games that captivated otherworldly gamers with its immersive gameplay and story. well written.

“We have to start doing ‘Portal 3,'” Wolpaw said. “That’s my message to everyone. Whatever you can do, let’s do it. Let’s make it happen. Because I’m not getting any younger either. We’re getting to the point where, crazy to think, I’m literally going to be too old to work on ‘Portal 3’, so we should. »

Likewise, the writer encouraged fans to mail messages to Gabe Newell, president of Valve. »Send him an email saying you want to see ‘Portal 3’. I may not have accomplished anything, but it will make everyone feel better. »

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First released in 2007 as part of the Orange Box bundle, “Portal” is a puzzle platformer that followed the story of Chell, a product test subject for Aperture Laboratories. She will be tasked with evaluating the company’s new portal gun, while investigating Aperture’s secrets and confronting the company’s deranged artificial intelligence, GLaDOS.

Since its release, the video game has been acclaimed by critics and gamers alike for its unique gameplay, dark sense of humor, and original song “Still Alive” composed by Jonathan Coulton. Its sequel, “Portal 2”, was released in 2011 to continue the outpouring of applause for the saga, with Wolpaw serving as writer on both games.

In the same interview, Wolpaw said that if he were to work on another “portal” without thinking about it, he would be a team behind it. “I can’t do it alone. The problem is that everyone is doing something, you should encourage a lot of people to drop what they are currently doing and come and work on something else. »

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Although Valve is well known for leaving its franchises in second installments, such as “Half Life 2” and “Portal 2”, fans consider that in the second installment of “Portal”, it has put a complete end to the story of Chell, the protagonist of both games, so a third installment is unnecessary.

In addition to the games, a film adaptation of “Portal” has been in development since 2013, with JJ Abrams producing through his company, Bad Robot. As of 2021, Abrams said the company is still developing the film with Warner Bros.

“We actually have a script being written for the movie ‘Portal’ right now at Warner Bros. “, did he declare. “We’re really excited about the shoot and the release, so it looks like it’s finally on track. »

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The Portal video game writer wants to make a third installment

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