The return on investment of geolocation with Quartix

by Yuna Miossec

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A large proportion of logistics and goods or people transport companies find that the fuel and maintenance of their vehicles represent two of their biggest expenses. How can the Quartix vehicle tracking system help a company optimize fleet activity and reduce fuel and maintenance costs?

One of the most indisputable functions of geolocation is to allow your company to identify cases of excessive fuel consumption and disproportionate wear and tear on the vehicle. Once these issues are identified, the Quartix Vehicle Tracking System helps you see where improvements need to be made and what progress has been made.

There are many ways for a company to generate a significant return on investment on geolocation, here are some levers:

Mileage optimization

A study by Frost & Sullivan reports a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 25% for a company using geolocation. The savings go well beyond fuel consumption, they also depend on the wear and tear of the vehicles.

Wait time management

Geolocation can help you track your wait time, so you can contact customers and suppliers who may be hindering your productivity. With an accurate wait time report for each location, it’s much easier to recoup that expense for your business.

Vehicle maintenance

One less set of tires every 3.5 years alone pays for your investment in a vehicle tracking system. In addition to tire maintenance, consider larger issues like vehicle brakes, maintenance, and financial depreciation. This can be influenced by slight changes in driver behavior, and you will see a considerable reduction in costs. The Quartix geolocation system calculates a driving score simple from the acceleration and braking indices of your drivers.

Promoting fuel-efficient driving

To further educate your drivers on reducing fuel consumption, download the infographic: 10 tips for more eco-driving.

Introduction of key performance indicators

Quartix dashboards show you stationary and moving vehicles. You have the option to set up KPI alerts for your fleet to be alerted.

Complete visibility of your fleet

To discover your expectations in terms of savings on fuel costs, compared to the costs of vehicle geolocation, use the Free Fuel Savings Calculator from Quartix.

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The return on investment of geolocation with Quartix

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