Transforming businesses through customer experience

[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] Customer experience is at the heart of business success, especially in the age of social media. Nicolas Diquero, founder and CEO of Acemis, a company specializing in the subject, tells us about it.

What services does Acemis Conseil offer?

Acemis is a consulting and training company specializing in customer experience. Our name sums up what we do: the A stands for Anticipate, the CE Customer Experience and the MIS Make It Simple. We help companies anticipate what they want their customers to experience, the target experience, to make it simpler, richer and more useful.

We offer customer experience consulting and design services and go all the way to their implementation. We support digital transformation, the evolution of the role of sales and relationship channels, and support for change in organizations and tools. We are also working a lot on cultural transformation and employee experience.

What is Customer Experience?

This is what customers experience and feel. The leading companies of the moment – the Amazons, Tesla … – have built themselves on a very clear vision of the experience they want their customers to have when they buy their service, use it or have Need help. They impose their standards on companies that have built their success on technical expertise or low price positioning. We support these companies so that they transform to reach the level of leaders, because the best practices are contagious in all sectors. For example, Doctolib has become the standard for making appointments, in health, as in banking or automotive.

What are the issues you are responding to?

The stakes are vital: it’s to retain customers, and to create positive word-of-mouth, because that’s how you win new customers today.

These are the same issues in the public sector. We have been collaborating for three years with the French Blood Establishment (EFS), on its transformation project through donor experience – Innovadon – which aims to preserve France’s self-sufficiency in blood products. This means continuing to attract loyal donors over time. It is therefore necessary in particular to facilitate the donation and make it attractive. To make donation more accessible, the donor can make an appointment online today, and experiments are underway to help them complete their online pre-donation questionnaire.

Why did you approach the Novencia group?

We got closer two years ago Novencia, because they are experts in data and artificial intelligence and these are two major levers of innovation in terms of customer experience. They open up new perspectives in terms of simplification, personalization, anticipation of needs and prevention of customer problems.

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Transforming businesses through customer experience

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