“We are witnessing a very worrying paradigm shift”

Finances News Hebdo: What is LMPS Group’s Intelligent Security Operations Center (SOC)?

Karim Hamdaoui: The CyberSOC scans the IT equipment of LMPS customers 24/7 to detect cybersecurity incidents and attacks, investigate them and be able to provide a response. This service is based on an All in One, Moroccan, sovereign xDR platform, compliant with the DNSSI (Data on Moroccan territory), equipped with the latest Big Data and Machine Learning technologies. It is a “managed service” providing customers with a rapid action force in cyber defense, requiring no customer expertise, and covering all attack surfaces (Laptop, smartphone, applications, servers, network, cloud , email, etc.)

FNH: What lessons can we learn in recent years in terms of cybersecurity for Moroccan companies?

KH: The Moroccan government has demonstrated on several occasions its full awareness cybersecurity issues, by legislating (law 05 20) in this direction in particular. The spectrum of this law does not only concern organizations of vital importance, but now extends to administrations, EEP, local authorities and any other legal entity governed by public law. The pandemic has accelerated the implementation of cybersecurity devices to ensure remote work. This is evidenced by the ratio of our national turnover, which has grown considerably over the past 2 years. Unfortunately, some companies did not join and ended up using our services due to phishing or ransomware attacks.

FNH: What should we expect from artificial intelligence and machine learning in terms of cybersecurity?

KH: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are part of the future of cybersecurity. 100% protection does not exist. AI is an indispensable aid provided to cybersecurity experts to mitigate digital risks. It thus contributes to the automation and speed of investigative actions and responding to attacks on large amounts of data. And this, thanks to the help of statistical algorithms. AI will also help alleviate the problem of lack of HR and frequently understaffed cybersecurity teams. Finally, AI offers a better understanding of attackers’ modus operandi in the face of ever-evolving cyber threats.

FNH: What advice can you give to a manager who underestimates his company’s cybersecurity?

KH: The first advice would be not to underestimate the cyberthreat and not to think that it only happens to others. Inaction is no longer an option. You have to start by assessing the cyber risk, raising awareness among stakeholders on cybersecurity reflexes, and identifying sensitive data and critical infrastructure as well as the legal and regulatory requirements in force. Subsequently, it is necessary to put in place cybersecurity measures to protect its information assets. The latter becomes a decisive issue for the survival of organisms. To achieve this, a leader must surround himself with internal or external experts, and integrate cybersecurity at the heart of the organization’s strategy.

FNH: What can companies expect in the coming years?

KH: We are witnessing a very worrying paradigm shift. Everything that was extraordinary will now be ordinary. The next few decades will be those of cybersecurity, with significant challenges to be met. The exponential increase in attacks can already be seen, and this will only increase with the innovation that the all-connected will bring us (the Internet of Things, NFT, Metaverse, 5G).

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“We are witnessing a very worrying paradigm shift”

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