What are the advantages of a reformulation tool?

Reformulation is a basic principle in writing or rewriting a text. Reformulating will allow you to take up ideas without copying original content. Writing web editorial content can sometimes be complicated. There are tools that can be of assistance to the writing.

A writing principle: reformulation

When writing a writing, article or other, reformulation is very important. It will make it possible to produce content that is unique and original.

The keys to reformulation

To make a good reformulation of text, you have to adopt a few simple habits. First of all, you will have to read your text and extract the general ideas. The points or sub-theses must be noted and resumed with your words. Depending on the domain and your reader, your way of writing will not be the same. You can adopt a style of writing that will differ from the original content.

Content written for the web, require a few small requirements to apply to have a qualitative text and well positioned in the search engine.

To do a good rewrite of text, you need:

  • Synonyms
  • Equivalent and varied expressions
  • Avoid repetitions and occurrences
  • Have relevant keywords with our general title or topic
  • Shorten long and meaningless sentences
  • Have one idea per paragraph to understand quickly and read smoothly

Avoid duplicate content

A problem arises during the rewriting of several contents which is that of the duplicate. Duplicate is the fact of having the same content several times on different web pages. This can be the resumption of a paragraph or even an entire page. When the same subject is re-addressed almost in the same way, there is a problem of duplicity.

The search engine sanctions this, because he considers it plagiarism. Care must therefore be taken not to put the same content on several platforms. Even if it’s your text and you want to distribute it in several media, this is still considered internal duplicity and is punished.

So you can use a tool to reformulate a text. This type of tool will monitor this rate of duplicity and offer unique texts.

Text reformulation tools

These reformulation tools will help to create unique content. This means that they will be free of plagiarism and that they will be reformulated and readjusted.

Saving time and money

This type of tool is good help for an editor. This will make it possible to develop several contents on the same original text. It is also possible to have several writing and rewriting aids thanks to these. In addition, you will save considerable time. You won’t have to hire multiple copywriters. With these artificial intelligence tools, you will earn money too.

Among these types of tools are Single Content.

Unique Content

Unique Content is a platform that will help you avoid this problem of duplicity. To do this, it will generate unique writings. This tool will be inspired by the model or original text to create another one. Its goal is to create diversified texts, but also to position itself well in the search engine.

It is a tool that comes as close as possible to the meaning of the original text using different turns of phrase and synonyms. The platform can be managed automatically or manually. It can be used in web writing for articles etc. as well as for more traditional writing.

Features of the Unique Content tool

The platform has the functionality an automatic and manual mode cas mentioned previously. The tool detects and manages the plurality and gender of the words and is responsible for replacing them when necessary. Unique Content checks the duplication rate so you always have unique texts. The interface of this tool has been made in such a way that its use is simple and clear.

Finally, once the content has been created, you can export it in different types of formats: txt, CSV or Excel.

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What are the advantages of a reformulation tool?

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