What will the smartphones of the future look like?

In the future, smartphones may have flexible screens. They may also be without batteries and become controllable by thoughtbut not only…

At the rate that current technologies are developing, it is quite possible that the smartphones of the future will no longer have anything to do with those we know today. In fact, within a few years, several innovations will certainly see the light of day, enough to revolutionize both the design and how we use these devices.

Smartphones with a flexible screen?

In the future, smartphones may have screens flexible. They would then become foldable and wrap around the wrist.

You should know that several manufacturers have already launched their model of mobile phones with a foldable screen. This was particularly the case of Samsung with his Galaxy Fold and of Huawei with his Mate X Fordable.

foldable phones

However, you should know that once folded or unfolded, the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X Fordable always take on the appearance of a smartphone and a classic tablet. At the moment, therefore, these smartphones cannot yet be wrapped around the wrist. Nevertheless, it would not take long to become possible.

Smartphones equipped with an unbreakable screen?

If the smartphones of the future were indeed to have flexible and foldable screens, logically, these should also be unbreakable. It would be impossible to make these devices flexible if their screens were to remain breakable. We bet on this fact that in a few years, screens 100% unbreakable equip these famous flexible smartphones.

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The smartphones of the future may no longer have batteries

During the last years, smartphone battery capacity has improved a lot. However, it is clear that today many of them hold little more thanone day max. The reason is that nowadays, smartphones have a plethora of features. They thus require always more energyespecially for online games

To remedy this problem, the smartphones of the future will probably use the lithium-based supersonic recharge. Consequently, they would recharge even faster while maintaining energy for longer. Better yet, they could simply do without batteries.

A transparent smartphone

For information, scientists from theuniversity of washington have already developed a mobile phone without battery. Instead, they chose to use the surrounding radio signals to operate the device…

Besides the radio wavesit is likely that thesolar energy becomes a source of energy for future smartphones. These new energy sources would then make these devices fully self-sufficient in energy.

More battery and therefore more chargers for the smartphones of the future

This would be a logical consequence of the appearance of smartphones without battery. Indeed, without batteries to recharge, chargers would lose their usefulness. They would thus cease to exist, just like the cables which currently accompany them. Therefore, it could be that in the future we will no longer have to bother with these accessories.

Keyboards with liquid buttons

About the keyboard buttons of future phone models, there’s a good chance they’ll change too. They may use the microfluidic technology.

A touch screen with liquid buttons

As a reminder, this is the Californian start-up tactus which unveiled for the first time a touch screen equipped with this technology. On this screen, raised keys could appear to facilitate typing and then disappear. In fact, more specifically, on this screen, small pockets were instantly filled with liquid when the touch keyboard was to be used. This made it possible to have swollen keysa lot more efficient to enter texts or play games.

Note thatApple has already used this technology for a case for the iPad Mini. It’s about Phorm : an accessory delivered with a protective film for the screen, which offers the possibility of using a keyboard with keys that can swell during an entry.

Below is a video of Apple’s Phorm case.

It remains to be seen whether one day Apple will directly integrate this technology into its future iPhones and iPads.

Thought-controllable devices

Today, technology is developing at an incredible rate. Faced with this observation, telling ourselves that one day we could control a smartphone by thought therefore does not seem insane anymore… Besides, you should know that a few years ago, Meta and researchers from the University of California had already joined. Their goal ? Know if it was not feasible to decode speech from our brain activity via a computer

On the start-up side Neuralink, researchers have also already worked on ainterface capable of connecting a human brain to a computer. On this subject, Elon Musk said that initially, their objective would be to allow an individual endowed with implants to control a smartphone by thought…

Nowadays, work is therefore already in progress with regard to the thought control devices. In the future, it could thus be that the mind control can be deployed on some of our favorite machines (consoles, computers, cars, smartphones).

Remember that in 2020, two men suffering from a neurodegenerative disorder could have received a brain implant called Stentrode. Once installed in their brain, this implant allowed them tocontrol a computer just by their thoughts.

Smartphones with artificial intelligence

In view of the progress that researchers have made in the field of artificial intelligenceit cannot be ruled out that the smartphones of the future take advantage of the latter. If this were the case, a mobile phone would be able to do many new things. By providing him with all our data, he would become a real smart assistant able to to respond in a personalized way to all our questions.

A smartphone with artificial intelligence

He would have the possibility of perform different tasks for us how to use Google for make purchases on the internet. This hyper-intelligent smartphone could also save our lives. Indeed, if following an accident, we found ourselves unable to call, he would do it for us…

In short, over the next few years, there is a good chance that smartphone manufacturers and the big names in the high-tech sector will surprise us. They will certainly introduce us various innovations and a multitude ofnew devices all as amazing as each other.

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What will the smartphones of the future look like?

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