With the capacity to process 100 billion interactions per day, Salesforce Genie Customer Data Cloud and Tableau accelerate business decision-making

Salesforce, the global leader in customer relationship management solutions, announces the integration of Tableau with Genie Customer Data Cloud, the data management platform unveiled at Dreamforce in September 2022. The integration aims to help businesses better understand and leverage all of their real-time data to accelerate decision-making.

Now companies can use Tableau to analyze billions of data stored and harmonized in Genie. They can then visualize, explore and automate them to make safe decisions. Additionally, Genie’s native integration with Tableau enables companies to lower data storage costs and accelerate decision-making by bringing their data and analytics together in a single platform.

Genie Customer Data Cloud is now capable of processing an average of 100 billion real-time customer interactions every day across the entire Customer 360 platform. by reducing its costs thanks to the CRM ranked n°1 in the world. During Cyber ​​Week, Genie ingested 1.1 trillion records and enabled 43 billion interactions between Salesforce customers and consumers.

Announced at Dreamforce in September 2022, Genie Customer Data Cloud ingests, harmonizes and unifies all customer data – regardless of channel or interaction – into a single, real-time customer profile. So businesses can deliver automated, intelligent, integrated, real-time experiences across the entire Customer 360 platform.

The rise of customer-centric businesses

With the current economic climate, companies must focus on their customers, and this starts with the exploitation of their data. However, they often have huge amounts of data in silos, heterogeneous, and difficult to manage. Previously, they regularly had to create complex data pipelines, which could lead to data duplication issues or the use of static or stale data. Ultimately, this slows down decision-making.

To be successful, business leaders must therefore strive to adopt a customer-centric approach. To do this, they must be able to access all the company’s data allowing them to easily make relevant decisions. With Genie Customer Data Cloud and Tableau, businesses can leverage their customer data, engagement data, and external data efficiently and at scale.

“Every business should take a customer-centric approach. However, consumer expectations are changing in real time, so businesses need to rely on real-time data to make decisions faster and at the right time. Genie Customer Data Cloud is revolutionary because it is the first platform capable of creating personalized and real-time customer engagements, whatever the channel and for any team: sales, customer service, marketing, commerce and IT. said Steve Fisher, executive vice president and general manager, Next Gen CRM and Unified Data Services at Salesforce. “Now, with Tableau, Genie Customer Data Cloud gives companies the ability to visualize, explore and make decisions based on their data for each of their customers in real time, in the right channel and at scale. In addition, we continue to develop new native, automated, intelligent and real-time integrations with our platform. »

“With Genie, we are accelerating Tableau’s integration with Salesforce’s Customer 360 platform,” said Jean-David Benassouli, Head of Analytics & Tableau France at Salesforce. “Companies can thus rely on harmonized data in real time. This is a major asset for better managing their activities and meeting their customers’ expectations. »

Tableau + Genie Customer Data Cloud: Use Cases

Companies can visualize, explore and make decisions in real time based on their data, in order to offer better customer experiences. Concretely :

Marketing teams can use their data to identify factors influencing customer attitudes and behaviors. Real-time web traffic data helps brands quickly adapt to demand, deliver a great customer experience, and tie their engagement efforts to recorded activity (e.g. when a celebrity mentions a brand on TV or a video goes viral on social media).
Customer service managers have the ability to draw on their customer records to immediately spot issues and triage them based on priority. This allows them to better predict team schedules and best assist customers who require assistance.
Auto industry officials have data on distances traveled (daily and monthly) and routes available to them for every car model, regardless of location. They can thus understand the driving and consumption habits of users in order to offer subscription packages for additional services, and better serve their customers.
Merchants can turn massive amounts of customer data into actionable insights. The holistic view of their customer data provides the ability to create personalized shopping experiences, and helps them make better decisions for marketing, sales, and customer loyalty.
Finally, companies in the financial services sector can use the activity and personal events of their customers to better understand their needs. They also have the opportunity to proactively help them plan major life milestones, such as buying a new home, paying school fees or retiring.
Businesses are already relying on Genie to drive new revenue, efficiency and productivity

Thanks to Genie, companies from all sectors and all over the world can use their data directly on Salesforce to achieve their business objectives. Whether it’s patient data for the health sector, indicators used by the manufacturing industry, or customer data for merchants, the platform is able to ingest all of this information in real time, and create personalized actions on all the tools of the Customer 360 suite.

Formula 1®, the company that organizes the F1 World Championship, relies on Genie to strengthen fan engagement and attract new supporters

Formula 1 has grown exponentially in popularity in recent years. Formula 1 competition attracts the interest of 500 million people and 1.5 billion television viewers around the world. Formula 1 has partnered with Salesforce to gain a holistic view of its supporters, increase and strengthen their engagement, and attract new fans. Genie helps Formula 1 understand how to integrate its data on each channel (physical or virtual, anywhere in the world). Salesforce enables Formula 1 to gain a panoramic view of its fans, and to rely on automation and artificial intelligence capabilities to offer them scalable and hyper-personalized experiences in real time. This partnership allows it to move from a set of siled solutions to a single, fluid platform for storing and maintaining data related to its fans.

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With the capacity to process 100 billion interactions per day, Salesforce Genie Customer Data Cloud and Tableau accelerate business decision-making

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