World Cup 2022: “3 to 4 million bettors”, the forecasts of the boss of an online betting site

According to Nicolas Béraud, boss of the Betclic site, there is no explosion of problem gambling.

The good results of the France team, which faced Morocco this Wednesday evening in the semi-finals, do they have a great influence on the volume of online sports betting?

The course of the French team has a big influence on the interest of sports fans for the competition. Betclic is present in several European countries, we are particularly very strong in Poland, and after the elimination of its team by France, we saw the interest of Polish punters for the World Cup drop enormously. There is the fact that your team is no longer in competition and there is the disappointment of having lost… Some countries are more attached to their team than others. Others like England, eliminated in the quarter-finals, are football countries and will continue to bet.

What will this World Cup bring to sports betting operators?

On this World Cup, there will be 3 to 4 million bettors online and between 500 and 600 million stakes in France. Of these 500 million euros, the operators’ income is 15%, therefore 75 million, of which we pay 55%, therefore 40 million, to the State. This leaves 35 million euros, shared by 17 operators who have a sports betting license, but the first 5, Française des Jeux, Winamax, Unibet, ZEbet and us, we share 90% of the market.

We are therefore talking about a few million in income for a month of activity. And on the players’ side, if you reduce that to what they really spent, it’s 15% of these 500 million euros because the rate of return to players is 85%.

This represents expenses, per week, of 5 euros per bettor on average. If we look at the figures coldly, we are really on reasonable sums: it’s entertainment. There is no explosion of problem gambling. Of course as in any average, some players will play more, others less.

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Do you take steps to limit addiction to online games?

I am the founder and boss of Betclic, but also vice-president of the French association of operators, Afjel. In 2019, the law asked online sports betting operators to be more vigilant on these subjects, and a lot of work has been done to supervise and more effectively detect problem gamblers, who risk betting more than their means. , or take risks. According to serious studies, they represent between 0.5% and 5% of bettors. At Betclic, we did a big awareness campaign in October, for a week. I am above all a sports fan and I do not want anyone to put themselves in danger on Betclic.

Our artificial intelligence software detects potentially problematic profiles and around a hundred of our employees, including around thirty full-time employees, analyze these profiles and implement appropriate measures: contact bettors, let them know that they can limits, self-exclude for a defined period… If we think that some are at risk, we stop sending them promotions, bonuses, and we can offer them to suspend the account, temporarily or permanently. Our ambition is that in three years, there will be zero problem players with us.

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World Cup 2022: “3 to 4 million bettors”, the forecasts of the boss of an online betting site

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