Accelerate Quebec’s digital transformation

Éric Capelle, CEO of the PINQ platform2
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Created at the initiative of the University of Sherbrooke and the Quebec Ministry of Economy and Innovation, the Digital and Quantum Innovation Platform (PINQ2) see the day. This unique high-performance computing platform will stimulate an ecosystem of collaborative research projects between scientists, companies and organizations.

Increase collaboration and technology transfer between industry and research, and accelerate the digital transformation of companies by training the talents of tomorrow: this is PINQ’s mission2. Centered on the values ​​of collaboration, fairness, excellence and sustainable development, the platform is set to become a reference center in Quebec and Canada to facilitate and accelerate the adoption of digital technologies.

This platform will be able to carry out its role by associating itself with a large set of university and industrial partners. In particular, it benefits from $16 million in funding offered by the provincial government as well as significant support from world-class industrial leaders.

Québec is increasingly establishing itself as a leader in quantum science and technology. To continue on this path, we need the most advanced technologies, such as PINQ2which make it possible to innovate and create links between researchers and the entrepreneurial community.

Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister of Economy and Innovation and Minister responsible for Regional Economic Development

A collaborative ecosystem

“The platform, rooted in Quebec and fully available in cloud computing, will increase the connection between university research and industrial partners,” explains Vincent Aimez, vice-rector for technology transfer and partnerships at the Université de Sherbrooke and president of the PINQ Board of Directors2 Indeed, PINQ2. It will provide companies and university research teams with a very high-performance computing infrastructure, close to industry standards, accompanied by professional software, while guaranteeing data retention in Quebec. »

PINQ2 will offer integrated solutions for a range of sectors, for example that of health, sustainable development, artificial intelligence or digital media. Many partners have already demonstrated their interest in using the platform. Pilot projects are underway, particularly in the field of industrial simulation and machine learning.

Participate in economic growth

Whether it is to design and develop paths of innovation in cybersecurity, to deploy the Internet of Things or to develop cities and intelligent transport, quantum digital technology will greatly promote the development of new technologies.

In the coming months, PINQ2 will offer a hybrid computing offer as well as access to a quantum infrastructure. The platform will become a place of experimentation to test quantum computing applications, the advances of which will offer powerful and fast tools, thus contributing to the development of several fields of activity, and making it possible to democratize access to quantum technology. .

Through its unique and accessible offer, PINQ2 will contribute to developing certain approaches and will help organizations and all of Quebec to solve complex problems in several sectors. By driving innovation, PINQ2 will become an essential partner to help companies find maximum value through digital.

Eric Capelle, CEO of PINQ2

Train the next generation

PINQ2 aims to train the next generation required to develop the digital maturity of Quebec industry. By supporting a set of collaborative projects with the university sector, including numerous research centers, the NPO will offer a state-of-the-art learning environment to many graduate students and postdoctoral researchers who will actively participate to projects.

These highly qualified human resources will allow companies to gain a dominant position on the market and facilitate their access to government funding programs. It is through education and higher education that Quebec will be able to develop as an inclusive, equitable and innovative digital society. PINQ2 will therefore support several initiatives to arouse the interest of young people in high school and CEGEPs in digital professions.

A mobilized network

A major project that never happens alone, PINQ2 will actively collaborate with Quebec’s innovation ecosystem and will be accessible through projects supported by several provincial and federal organizations to accomplish its mission, including Prompt, PRIMA and Mitacs. These partners will notably be able to open access to financing offers, thus facilitating the realization of projects on the PINQ platform.2.

Through its specialized financing programs for new technologies, particularly in the digital sector, Prompt shares the same vision as PINQ2, wishing to propel innovation, among other things through collaborative research, in order to promote the creation of long-term wealth within Quebec society. That’s why we are convinced that PINQ2in partnership with Prompt, will provide concrete solutions for the industrial and university sectors of Quebec thanks to its innovative offer.

Frédéric Bove, CEO of Prompt

As a center for research and innovation in advanced materials, PRIMA Québec supports collaborative innovation projects. We look forward to the establishment of PINQ2 which will play a key role in Quebec in developing the field of advanced materials, a strategic and booming sector. We are already anticipating the various breakthroughs resulting from the partnership between PINQ2 and PRIMA and which will contribute to Québec’s competitiveness.

Marie-Pierre Ippersiel, President and General Manager, PRIMA Quebec

The infrastructures and approaches allowing access to the most recent advances in computing offered by PINQ2 are essential to ensure that our industries remain at the forefront of the digital transformation that is essential to their competitiveness, across all markets.

Jesse Vincent-Herscovici, Vice President, Business Development, Mitacs

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Accelerate Quebec’s digital transformation

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