Action Logement relies on the CSTB for the ecological transition of its housing stock

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In order to support the ecological and energy transition of the housing sector, the Action Logement group, with its subsidiaries Action Logement Immobilier, Action Logement Services and Foncière Logement, has signed an applied research agreement with the Center Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB ).

Signed during the HLM congress, this agreement will, among other things, enable Action Logement to acquire a tool aimed at grouping and analyzing all the data and information available. Based on the work carried out by the CSTB as part of the Go-Renove project, this data processing and artificial intelligence tool will enable Action Logement to improve knowledge of its housing stock of one million housing units. And to structure and prioritize its action in areas such as “mitigating its climate impact, adapting its fleet to climate change and natural risks or controlling water consumption in buildings. »

A first agreement for the application of the research framework agreement defines the first objectives and their timetable for achievement in the coming months. In addition, Action Logement and the CSTB will carry out, in the context of future construction, research work to: experiment with new materials, in particular with a cementitious matrix, by experimenting on one or more operations; optimize the design of structures in order to achieve material savings and improve the carbon footprint of an operation; and identify new mixed construction processes “whose mechanical and physical behavior is robust, whose production can be industrialized and whose implementation is simple. »

Bruno Arcadipane, president of Action Logement Groupe, and Philippe Lengrand, vice-president, declare: “Our commitment to reduce the footprint of our activity and improve the energy performance of our homes is at the heart of our action, on a daily basis, in all territories. To achieve this, the development of practices and behaviors, innovation, and partnerships with key players such as the CSTB are essential, to provide concrete responses and significant progress in favor of the housing sector. »

“Global warming is one of the biggest challenges we have faced or will face,” says Étienne Crépon, President of CSTB. We will no longer be able to construct and operate buildings as we have been doing until now. Faced with this challenge and this urgency, the CSTB is mobilizing all its skills and knowledge so that the industry can anticipate the effects of climate change on buildings, reduce its carbon impact and limit its use of resources. The work that we are going to carry out with Action Logement will make it possible to create knowledge and to confront it with reality and to test innovations. »

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Action Logement relies on the CSTB for the ecological transition of its housing stock

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