Artificial intelligence at the service of the Superethanol-E85 conversion box of FLEXFUEL ENERGY DEVELOPMENT (FFED) – Invest in Côte d’Azur

Based on the Côte d’Azur, in Sophia Antipolis, FLEXFUEL ENERGY DEVELOPMENT (FFED) is a pioneer and leader in Superethanol E85 conversion units.

The company announces the launch of a FlexFuel box equipped with artificial intelligence. FFED has developed a unique dynamic self-learning technology on the Superethanol-E85 conversion market for direct injections. This artificial intelligence allowsrefine the ethanol injection which adapts to the very latest engines and improves the user experience.

Operation of the box

Superethanol-E85 is a fuel that is 30% less calorific than Unleaded 95. When the engine is running on E85, it is necessary to inject more fuel to prevent the engine from running in a lean mixture. The box makes it possible to manage the addition of additional injection necessary for the proper functioning of the ethanol engine.

A unique self-learning technology on the market for direct injections

FFED has developed a different way of looking at ethanol injection, no longer by pure and simple addition, but by reading, learning, autonomous adaptation in real time for a tailor-made addition. With regard to pollution standards, manufacturers have innovated on injection signals which have become increasingly elaborate and complex. The only logic of addition finds its limits requiring complex adjustments, adjustments and permanent developments.

Until now the installer took a signal and settled on it by settings. Today the smart box reads the signal and self-adapts to always have an optimum tailor-made setting.

Optimized operation

Ethanol injection is optimized. The box can be adapted to the latest and most advanced engines that meet the latest pollution standards. This new unit includes an optional probe for Peugeot’s 1.2L PureTech engines in order to improve conversion on these engines with specific architecture.

Thanks to this new technology, the unit covers 90% of the market for petrol vehicles equipped with a direct injection engine compatible with the fitting of a unit.

Easy installation that reduces installation time and cost

The installation of the box is facilitated and improved because there are fewer adjustments. This limits the margins of error for the installer and reduces the time and cost of installation. Overall, for an initial labor time of two hours, an hour and a half is now sufficient. Invoiced on average €200 including tax for direct injections, installation costs increase to €150 including tax.

Optimization of overconsumption

Superethanol-E85 being less calorific, overconsumption is around 25%. Technological mastery implies being able to optimize this overconsumption. It is in this direction that FFED develops its boxes. The new housing improves engine efficiency, which reduces overconsumption by 2 to 3%.

This unique technology on the market is the result of 3 years of research and development. It is the subject of several patent applications. The unit will be available in the entire FFED network at the beginning of April, ie 2010 trained and approved centres, and concerns all families of FlexFuel units for direct injection engines.

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Artificial intelligence at the service of the Superethanol-E85 conversion box of FLEXFUEL ENERGY DEVELOPMENT (FFED) – Invest in Côte d’Azur

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