Aveyron: Dominique Reynié alongside business leaders from western Aveyron

The Covid health crisis had penalized the activities of the Ouest Aveyron Entreprises de Decazeville association for two years, chaired by Stéphane Mazars, boss of the STS company, and which includes member business leaders.
It is therefore with undisguised pleasure that nearly fifty people met on September 29 at the amphitheater of the Château de Bournazel to welcome the famous political scientist from Aveyron, Dominique Reynié.
Born in Rodez, Dominique Reynié is a professor at Science Po Paris; runs the think tank Fondapol and participates in several TV and radio media as a columnist.
Coming as a Castonetois neighbour, Dominque Reynié spoke in front of the audience of business leaders on the economic theme of transformation, hoping “to be useful to them”.

What is the theme of your conference?

“The transformations at work. It is a question of trying to define and identify the profound changes in France, but also on the scale of Europe and the world. It seems very vast, but it is a good question that is asked. Try to put if not logic, at least clarity in these great transformations, with loss of bearings and an upheaval of our lives. For some, it is a godsend because they manage to take advantage of it For many it is a source of concern and bewilderment, even difficulty.”

Do you bring leads?

“When there are risks, there are opportunities. It’s a reality. Since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, it seems to me that the situation – it may seem paradoxical – is more favorable than before Because it’s an awareness, a new starting point. Many leaders, citizens, business leaders understand that you have to revise your judgment, change software. If the outcome is happy, it may be a starting point. We are going to enter a difficult period but it can be a starting point”.

Are the measures announced and the pension reform appropriate?

“I defend the idea of ​​a necessary general rearmament, that is to say that we must all, including the head of state and the government, emphasize what can fortify the country, strengthen public power in its ability to come and support the efforts of citizens in their lives, of economic and social actors, but also national defense, research. We have let ourselves go, we can see it in terms of energy where everyone has been very naive in Europe.
On the pension reform, this can be an opportunity because if it is deemed necessary and a source of significant savings, if it is deemed necessary to pass on to future generations a system of solidarity which could be threatened if it is not modified in that Sens. This can be a strong act, including in its relatively unpopular dimension”.

What measures do you think should be taken?

“We are far below what we should be doing in terms of food sovereignty, in terms of agricultural policy this seems essential to me. In terms of biotechnology research, we have lost a lot of ground, we were very strong, we We are now far behind our competitors, including in Europe.We have to regain control because this is a very strategic subject.
In terms of supercomputers and artificial intelligence, we have started things, you have to be powerful.
On the nuclear level, we have given up a little and we are rowing to take back what has been abandoned, to try to redo what has been broken. It is complicated.
It is necessary that in a decade the country gets back on track so as not to drop out of a new world competition which is being born.

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Aveyron: Dominique Reynié alongside business leaders from western Aveyron

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