BnF-Partenariats will launch a platform to promote the editorial heritage of the French press


A subsidiary of the National Library of France, BnF-Partenariats will launch a digital platform to consult the archives of a dozen press publishers, developed by the company ContentSide (Photo: Franois Mitterrand site of the BnF).

A subsidiary of the National Library of France, BnF-Partenariats has teamed up with a dozen French press publishers to launch a digital platform to promote their editorial heritage. The publisher and content management specialist ContentSide was chosen to develop the solution.

AdvertisingWith a dozen major French press publishers, including Libration, Le Tlgramme, Paris Match or L’Express, BnF-Partenariats, a subsidiary of the National Library of France (BnF), will create a common digital platform, aimed at promoting the editorial heritage different titles. The company ContentSide, publisher of a semantic analysis platform and specialist in content management, was selected to develop the project, which is scheduled to go into production at the end of 2023. The solution proposed by ContentSide proved to be the more relevant both in terms of the analysis of needs and proposals for functionalities and technical solutions,” explains Philipp Leu, head of BnF-Partnerships operations.

This project, carried out with the support of the Minister of Culture and that of the BnF, is part of the continuity of the RetroNews press site, published by BnF-Partenariats and launched in 2016, which gives access to 2,000 press titles published between 1631 and 1950. The future platform will allow the digitization of nearly 8.5 million press pages, with the aim of preserving and promoting , using an ingest mechanism that manages different formats of import streams. These pages will also be enriched with artificial intelligence, in order to manage the categorization and detection of people, places or organizations automatically.

Support for new offers

The API provided by the ContentSide platform will allow publishers associated with the project to easily integrate their archives into their sites and to implement contextual authentication (for subscribers, key account access, etc.). They will thus be able to offer new subscription offers and develop new documentary products based on their heritage. For its part, BnF-Partenariats may offer consultation licenses on all or part of the collection of third parties, particularly in the academic world and research. With this project, publishers will benefit from a complete solution for digitizing and making archives available, thanks to the syndication of their needs carried out by BnF-Partenariats, believes Philipp Leu.

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BnF-Partenariats will launch a platform to promote the editorial heritage of the French press

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