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Leader in homeopathy, Laboratoires Boirons announces the signing of an agreement to acquire a 70% stake in the capital of ABBI, which amounts to 740,000 euros. Start-up specializing in individualized cosmetics using Artificial Intelligence. A welcome diversification with the delisting of homeopathy which caused sales to fall.

The acquisition of ABBI will have cost 1.75 million euros to Boirons. The founders of ABBI, Joanna and Frédéric Ifergan, owners of the 30% remain very closely associated with the strategy and development of this activity before a total sale of the company envisaged within 3 years. An additional price may be added to the amount of the initial acquisition, which will depend on the performance of the start-up on June 30, 2025. It is therefore a sale over 3 years that is envisaged for these products marketed since October 2020.

ABBI an innovative concept combining cosmetics and artificial intelligence

ABBI, for Authenticity, Well-being, Beauty and Individuality, promises cosmetics composed of more than 95% natural ingredients, without controversial components and delivered in an eco-responsible way. The range of daily care is tailor-made. This is precisely what the founders of ABBI, Joanna and Frédéric Ifergan, have developed after more than 3 years of research and development. The entire manufacturing process of the Lyon-based start-up created in 2017 is patented, which makes ABBI the only company in France to produce tailor-made cosmetic treatments, thanks to artificial intelligence and based on a selfie. A simple photo is enough for a person to obtain, in just a few seconds, a personalized skin diagnosis and the formula that corresponds to him with the active ingredients best suited to his needs.

ABBI are custom-made creams, thanks to artificial intelligence and based on a selfie. Currently, when the customer experiences made-to-measure, he can choose to receive a box including the 30 ml custom-made cream, the bottle of which is engraved with his first name, a serum of your choice (collagen or hyaluronic) and a mist essential in a fabric pouch, all for €89. He can also select only the custom-made cream at the price of 69€. The products are available in pharmacies, parapharmacies, online and in beauty salons.

ABBI soon within Boiron

Soon ABBI will enter the premises of Boirons Laboratories which have tailor-made production capacities thanks to our preparations (where the drugs or cosmetics are prepared by hand), the group will make its sales force available in order to deploy ABBI in its network of pharmacies, parapharmacies. According to Valérie Lorentz-Poinsot, General Manager of Laboratoires Boiron, bringing the two together was obvious, “we have the same values: treatment with respect. For ABBI, each skin is unique. For Boiron, each patient is unique. I was very quickly impressed by the technology, the accuracy and the speed of the diagnosis. As with homeopathy, ABBI understands that each person is unique and requires tailored care that is as eco-responsible and natural as possible. With the tailor-made manufacturing capacity of our preparations, our sales force and our locations around the world, we will be able to bring ABBI closer to everyone.” For this start-up, Boirons Laboratories have great ambitions and want to make ABBI a major player in custom-made cosmetics in France but also internationally, thanks to their locations around the world.

As for the founders of ABBI, Joanna and Frédéric Ifergan, the interest shown by Laboratoires Boirons in them “is proof of the relevance of our project and we are very happy about it. Joining Boiron Laboratories is a huge opportunity to grow and share our dream of suitable and respectful cosmetics for as many people as possible. The shared values ​​that drive our two companies strengthen us in the success of this merger. »

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Boiron launches into cosmetics boosted with artificial intelligence – LE [Lyon-Entreprises]

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