DIGITAL: Foodintech, a solution to combat undernutrition

Atol CD, Nutrisens and Trayvisor join forces to distribute an innovative artificial intelligence solution for monitoring the food intake of hospitalized patients and residents

Atol CD, Nutrisens and Trayvisor are joining forces to distribute Foodintech, an innovative artificial intelligence solution for monitoring the food intake of hospitalized patients and residents of nursing homes to fight against malnutrition and food waste. The objectives of this partnership are the nationwide distribution and installation of the Foodintech solution.

Foodintech, an innovative solution to combat undernutrition and food waste

Foodintech makes it possible to automate and make reliable the recording of the food intake of patients and residents, otherwise known as ingesta, by taking a photo of the meal tray before and after the service to measure the consumed portion of each dish. Since what will not be consumed will be thrown away, the other interest of the Foodintech system is to provide hospital managers with precise data to fight against the waste of the food served. Tools for monitoring the nutritional analysis of ingesta and food waste are then available to caregivers and administrators of the hospital or nursing home, via an application allowing in particular to monitor the risk of malnutrition according to the profile of the patients by alerting dieticians in advance. The objective is better nutritional care by adapting the meals, the quantities served or by enriching the foods according to the needs of malnourished patients.

Objective 2022: the deployment of Foodintech at the national level

“This exclusive distribution partnership is part of a synergy between partners recognized both for their technical expertise and the added business value of their solutions and products. The national establishment of the partners will make it possible to accelerate the marketing of Foodintech and to make benefit from this innovation to the greatest number on the whole territory: patients, residents of Ephad and caregivers.”
Charles Juhel, COO of Foodintech

“Our common ambition is to put artificial intelligence at the service of the health of undernourished people. This partnership should enable us to become market leaders. »
Diane Buisson, Commercial Manager of Trayvisor

“This partnership with Trayvisor is completely in line with Nutrisens’ mission to restore the taste of eating to vulnerable people and with Nutrisens’ strategy of being the preferred partner of healthcare establishments. Nutrisens wanted to support the deployment of a digital solution for automating food intake records for hospitalized patients and residents of EHPADs in order to help healthcare teams and catering teams to work together and effectively on the proper management of undernutrition through food, while reducing food waste.”
Céline Bugnot, Marketing and Commercial Director France of Nutrisens

About Atol CD
Atol CD, publisher of Foodintech as part of a research project since 2017 with the CHU Dijon Bourgogne and the company Yumain, is an IT services company in charge of the technical and commercial operation of the software. Atol CD remains in this new partnership with Trayvisor, in charge of the development and maintenance of the solution, its hosting in SAAS-HDS, as well as the technical and functional deployment in the establishments.

About Trayvisor
Trayvisor is a start-up founded in 2019 whose expertise lies in visual recognition and food analysis technology from a photo shoot. His conviction today is to put artificial intelligence at the service of health and food waste.

About Nutrisens
A specialist in clinical nutrition and medical food, Nutrisens has been the partner of healthcare professionals for more than 10 years. It is from listening to families, caregivers, health professionals and above all patients that Nutrisens draws its culture of innovation, to meet the needs of its customers, hospitals, retirement homes, specialized institutes, pharmacies and individuals. . Now a European group, Nutrisens produces food in France with the aim of meeting the nutritional needs of patients and giving back the taste of eating to people who are fragile or wish to live their daily life better.
NUTRISENS, in a few figures, is:
– €110 million in turnover in 2021
– 45% of turnover abroad
– A presence in twenty countries
– 500 employees across Europe
– 4 subsidiaries: France, Italy, Spain and Portugal
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DIGITAL: Foodintech, a solution to combat undernutrition

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