Economy – How artificial intelligence is at the service of each of us

Artificial intelligence has many uses. This intelligence notably takes the form of virtual characters, hostesses and hosts. They are larger than life and their programming means that they can even show empathy and connivance in the interaction with the user.

This artificial intelligence can be seen very quickly on the internet, for example. All you have to do is look for something on a search engine and immediately an algorithm identifies it. For example, if you inquire about the installation of a veranda, you will have, during several days during your Internet connections, advertisements on these products and the companies specialized in the matter. It is also the software installed on your smartphone which you can ask to call one of your contacts or information on such and such a city, for example.

Simulation of intelligence

In 1998, Nivernais Pascal Arbault created a company that publishes artificial intelligence software. She is baptized Davi The Humanizers. To talk about his activity, he starts above all with the definition of intelligence. “It is the ability to know, to understand. It is the quality of the mind that understands and adapts easily. It is also the ability to adapt to one’s environment, but not only. It is also a question of instinct, common sense, calculation, innate and acquired. »

Students from the Jean-Jaurès de Guérigny college go behind the scenes of Artificial Intelligence

On the strength of this, he continues: “Artificial intelligence is a simulation of intelligence. Like Canada Dry, it looks like smart, but is it really smart? “. He then explains that “artificial intelligence works by biomimicry. We try to reproduce and simulate the reasoning of humans by deduction, induction and comparison. We also try to reproduce the perception of humans by intuition and anticipation”. Added to this are the emotions. “Artificial intelligence is there to help humans”. But should we be afraid of it? “The most dangerous is the man”, comments Pascal Arbault. “It’s like with a hammer. How does he use it and for what purposes. »

Multiple fields of application

Davi has thus created virtual hostesses and hosts for many large companies and other tourist sites. Characters you can interact with. This is the case with Lisa for Britanny Ferries. This digital tourist advisor is a smart solution that has social communication.

At Nièvre Tourisme, she responds to the first name of Léa. Close to its users, it is on a tactile window in the city center as well as on a smartphone application. Available 24 hours a day, its mission is to accompany and help visitors before and during their stay. Léa also welcomes visitors to the Forges Royales de Guérigny and Saint-Honoré-les-Bains. Soon, it will be in Lormes and Saint-Pierre-le-Moûtier.

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These virtual advisors were created by Davi using his Retorik platform. The company’s solutions are “retorik refer” which gives the advisor business expertise; “retorik animator” chooses the most suitable incarnation and appearance; “retorik intimacy” which provides socio-emotional skills based on verbal and non-verbal communication. It is also “retorik teatime” which captures the emotional state of the user and adapts the emotional behavior of the counselor.

It is also Hugo, for the University of Burgundy. It informs future students about the services offered on the Campus and accompanies new ones when they enter. And for the GMF, an advisor helps you choose your life insurance or death insurance contract.

Health pre-diagnosis

In the field of health since 2013, Vidal has set up a support service on its website to support its customers in the use of its digital products and services. This assistance is provided by Louise and the objective is to reduce the flow in the call centers.

“In this same sector, we have developed a system for ophthalmologists”, specifies Pascal Arbault. “They do a lot of things with low added value. We have developed an assistant-advisor that allows you to make a pre-diagnosis based on, in particular, the symptoms felt by the patient, such as redness or the feeling of sand in the eye, for example. This assistant can also control the view as if it were in the cabinet. In doing so, the professional, when he sees his patient, can go directly to the pathology described”. Pascal Arbault specifies that the questionnaire to be completed on his computer screen was established by ophthalmologists. “Currently, in France, ten firms use the system that we have developed. »

On the side of the SNCF, we have all seen these terminals on which the reception agent informs and directs users in the station. At the Muséoparc d’Alésia, in Alise-Sainte-Reine in the Côte-d’Or, it is Vercingétorix himself who welcomes visitors. It is his hologram that tells his story (his origin, his battles…) during the journey within the very well scripted interpretation center.

Adapted language and interactivity

Davi is also developing a virtual system for a big name in the IT world, namely a home host for Microsoft Technical Center. Further proof that Davi’s know-how is recognized by the giants of the sector.

And what about the coach Olly, intended for professionals and students, which allows, through interaction, to improve their skills. Individualized coaching, currently in French and English. A service that also translates into a virtual recruitment room to practice.

In the end, the artificial intelligence developed by Davi, in particular for very large companies or groups, offers increasingly sophisticated virtual characters. They are capable of interactivity, understand emotions and have an adapted language. Characters who can even show empathy.

A bit of Nièvre at the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics

Photo courtesy of David
Davi is the winner of the I-Nov Digital Deep Tech Applications JOP Paris 2024 innovation competition. A new recognition for the Nivernais company.

The objectives of the project were to create a point of information and digital orientation, new generation and embodied by a holographic and multilingual virtual reception agent. “Our holographic kiosk will allow users to communicate, in natural language and eye to eye, with a digital reception agent trained to respond to requests relating to the event and to “good deals” in the city that hosts it. . The system should automatically adapt to the city where it is located, to the event and to the language of the users, while exploiting the appropriate natural communication codes”. The baptismal name of this holographic and polyglot virtual receptionist is JO’Han.

Global reach

The Olympic Games are the global event par excellence. For meetings in the summer of 2024, from July 26 to August 11, Nièvre will therefore bring its stone to this meeting with Davi. A company that knows how to perfectly adapt its know-how, constantly optimized, to all requests.

The i-Nov Innovation Competition, whose fourth wave (61 winners) was launched on July 4, 2019 to close on October 8, 2019, aims to support innovative projects led by start-ups and SMEs, and to promote the accelerated emergence of companies, leaders in their field, with a claim to global reach. This wave exceptionally integrates the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games theme.

The world of industry

1652082927 602 Economy How artificial intelligence is at the service ofIllustrative photo Pierre Destrade
In industry, numerically controlled machines are increasingly present. Technology endows them with an artificial intelligence that always goes further. This is the case with the latest generation laser cutting machines. At Laser Fusion, in Coulanges-lès-Nevers. Its CEO, Emmanuel Boudet, will install, probably at the end of this year, one of the most advanced machines. It is able, depending on the thickness of the material to be cut, to self-adjust to put more or less power, for example. An intelligence that notably allows to consume less energy.

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Economy – How artificial intelligence is at the service of each of us

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