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EvidenceBthe EdTech that offers the 1er adaptive learning tool based on cognitive sciences enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI) to fight school dropout and Docaposte.

Referent for digital trust in France and digital subsidiary of the La Poste group, announce that they have won a major call for tenders launched by the Ministry of National Education and Youth.

The two partners have been selected to design and deploy a new application which should contribute to the upgrading of young high school students in French and mathematics, intended for Second year students and their teachers. This new educational resource will be available in all French high schools for the 2023-2024 school year.

The winning of this contract follows a call for tenders launched in 2021 by the Ministry of National Education and Youth (MENJ) as part of the Future Investment Program (PIA), led by the Secretariat General for Investment (SGPI). It is a question of accelerating the deployment of new digital educational solutions to serve the learning of students in the general, technological and professional streams.

This digital service aims to help teachers set up personalized follow-up, adapted to each student, to consolidate or deepen their mastery of skills in French and mathematics. The MENJ has chosen the solution of the EvidenceB-Docaposte group, which takes advantage of the complementary expertise of the two entities:

– On the one hand, EvidenceBa recognized specialist in adaptive learning that develops educational resources based on cognitive science research enhanced by artificial intelligence for the personalization of student learning paths.

– The other, Docaposte, which has established itself in France as an essential trusted player in the service of youth and inclusion offering digital solutions while being an expert in data processing, hosting and use, in particular for educational purposes. Docaposte operates, among other things, the Pronote application used every day by 17 million students, teachers, parents, support staff and administrative staff.

The two partners have convinced the ministry of their ability to mobilize the best of digital education in order to help reduce inequalities and fight effectively against school dropout, in an inclusive approach at the service of all (accessibility).

This will be one of the very first solutions SecNumCloud, repository of the highest level of security issued by the National Agency for Information Systems Security (ANSSI) — to secure and protect sensitive information and data of students who use the solution.

An innovative digital service at the service of the success of all students in the Second class.

The remedial service project for second-year students selected by the MENJ provides 24 adaptive modules containing more than 20,000 exercises. The solution is based on an AI engine that articulates 7 complementary algorithms to strengthen the course of each student according to their potential or their shortcomings.

In addition to these adaptive courses, it also offers digital and physical collaborative workshops in order to strengthen the commitment of both students and their teachers. A library of more than 300 video tutorials completes the support offer for high school students.

This new adaptive learning tool is positioned as a complement to textbooks while differentiating itself from classic exercisers-repetitors: the solution works on the understanding of concepts which ensures the memorization of rules.

A project developed in collaboration with research laboratories, Edtech partners and teachers

To design and deploy this new learning solution, the EvidenceB-Docaposte consortium works with many specialized partners.

The modules of the solution were designed by 15 researchers and research laboratories in cognitive sciences and developed in collaboration with French EdTech start-ups VittaScience, MagikEduk and Mobidys. To strengthen the user experience, the EvidenceB-Docaposte group works in collaboration with French UX experts on topics of accessibility and mobile experience.

In addition, the group is associated with the rich associative fabric of teachers in French, teachers and mediators in mathematics. In an approach where it is a question of associating the best of digital education, the pedagogical expertise of teachers and extracurricular know-how, the digital application will offer a plurality of formulas for workshops in French with the network of teachers from I’AFEF and in mathematics with more than a dozen associations aroundanimath.

About Docaposte

A benchmark for digital trust in France and a subsidiary of the La Poste group, Docaposte supports all companies and public institutions in their transformation and enables them to accelerate it, with confidence.

Expert in the processing of sensitive data and trusted third parties, Docaposte benefits from a unique position on the market which enables it to respond from end to end to all of a customer’s need, in compliance with regulations and with the assurance of highly secure data. Leader in trusted digital solutions (electronic voting, electronic registered letter, electronic signature, digital archiving) and leading operator of health data in France with more than 45 million medical records, Docaposte brings its expertise in the design and management of platforms custom digital. Its industrial know-how and management delegation enable it to meet all the needs of its customers. Docaposte has more than 40,000 client companies and administrations, 6,500 employees spread over nearly 70 sites in France and has? the international. Docaposte generated €750 million in revenue in 2021. More information on www.docaposte.com

About EvidenceB

Co-founded in 2017 by Thierry de Vulpillières, Catherine de Vulpillières and Didier Plasse joined by Philippe Mero in 2021, EvidenceB develops next-generation digital adaptive learning modules based on AI systems. The modules are based on data and results from research in cognitive science (how students learn), Artificial Intelligence (how to personalize learning paths) and digital learning interfaces (how to stimulate the desire to learn ).

EvidenceB was born from the observation that recent discoveries in the field of research make it possible to support the pedagogical choices of teachers, by facilitating the identification of the difficulties of each student. EvidenceB works with a B2B2C model, in partnership with the various players in the education sector in France and abroad, Ministries, institutions and educational publishers. The start-up was born in Willa, which supports women entrepreneurs, and EDUCATE in London, Europe’s largest Edtech start-up accelerator. EvidenceB was the winner in 2022 of the EdTechX ESG & Impact Award in London, finalist at the BETT Awards 2022 (first EdTech fair in the world) in London, elected among the Elite 200 of the GSV Cup 2022 in San Diego (California), Education winner at the Tech4Good Awards (BFM) in 2021, finalist of the SheLovesTech international competition in Beijing and winner of Amplify / Girls in Tech (Singapore).

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EvidenceB and Docaposte, a remedial service in French and mathematics » The economic and political newsletter of PACA

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