Génome Québec and Université Laval launch Genovalia, the first center for the valorization of non-human genomic data in Québec

On April 12, Génome Québec and Université Laval announced the launch of Genovalia, the first center for the production, processing and enhancement of non-human genomic data in Québec. This center will aim to support work in genomics, from the pre-project planning to the development, structuring and storage of data by applying FAIR principles for data management: easily findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable..

This initiative will create value by leveraging the synergy between AI and non-human genomic data in areas such as agri-food, forestry and environmental sciences.

Genome Quebec

Genome Québec, a non-profit organization that was created in 2000, has enabled Québec to take a step ahead in genomics research. This consists of the study of all the genetic material of a living being (human, plant, animal or virus), the analysis of the genomes of organisms, both from the point of view of their anatomy (sequences and organization ) than their physiology (expression and regulation)

Its mission is to catalyze the development and excellence of genomics research, but also its integration and democratization. A pillar of Quebec’s bio-economy, the funds it invests come from the Quebec Ministry of Economy and Innovation (MEI), the Government of Canada through Genome Canada and private partners.

Daniel Coderre, President and CEO of Génome Québec, declared:

“To lay the foundations of Genovalia, Génome Québec invested $500,000 over the past year. This innovative approach between artificial intelligence and non-health genomic data will make it possible to optimize this investment to derive benefits for the benefit of Quebec society. Finally, this synergy will propel scientific research by drawing on the richness of this large volume of data which, ultimately, will act as a catalyst for Québec innovation and a lever for Québec’s competitiveness in Canada and internationally. »

The scientific direction of the center will be provided by Claude Robert, professor at the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences of Laval University and collaborating researcher at the IID, the Intelligence and Data Institute of the university.

Laval University’s IID

Created in 1852 by the Séminaire de Québec, the Université de Laval was the first French-speaking university to emerge in America.

It is currently one of Canada’s leading research universities, a leader in distance education, has more than 1,650 professors, nearly 2,300 lecturers and other teaching and research staff and approximately 55,000 students. from 130 countries each year, 27% of them in graduate studies.

Inaugurated in January 2020, the Intelligence and Data Institute (IID) of Université Laval brings together the driving forces of research and innovation in artificial intelligence and data exploitation in the greater Quebec City region.

Its researchers work to develop and enrich knowledge in many fields: industry 4.0, smart city, Internet of Things (IoT), sensor networks, smart devices, medical imaging… and genomics.


Genovalia will thus benefit from the expertise of the IID and the research infrastructures of Université Laval to face more effectively the challenges of the field of genomics: to allow better standardization in the collection of data, to increase the exchange of information between different research fields, increase computational capacity, develop more efficient analysis tools, etc.

Better use of genomic data will provide many benefits both for industry and for guiding public policy and advancing scientific research.

Sophie d’Amours, Rector of Laval University, assures:

“Non-human genomics, which concerns the sciences of agriculture, food, ecosystems and forestry, among others, is an area with major scientific and economic potential that deserves to be better developed. The partnership with Génome Québec, which made the creation of Genovalia possible, illustrates Université Laval’s desire to put its expertise and research infrastructures at the service of Québec society. »

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Génome Québec and Université Laval launch Genovalia, the first center for the valorization of non-human genomic data in Québec

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