Intelligence decline and the digital divide

Technical progress is regressing intelligence with the threat that human beings will be unable to reason logically. The same goes for physical skills: “Let’s take the example of the gyroscopic wheel which allows you to move effortlessly. She is certainly ingenious. But dramatic from an evolutionary point of view”, explains Gilles Goetghebuer, specialist in health, physiology, sport, columnist at France 5 and founder of running magazine Zatopek.

And to specify that of all the animal species, the human being is probably the one who adopted the most efficient ambulatory mode and that this ingenious biomechanics was at the origin of the development of the brain and the awakening of intelligence.

He adds that walking is an antidote to depression, dementia and decay.

In this observation, it is clear that the current generation of twenties and thirties is an integral part of the stranglehold of so-called new technologies on the way of life in society and that a gap has been created between their parents and grandparents to the point that the eminent sociologist, Claudine Attias-Donfut, co-author of the essay Turning 20 in 2020, the new generation gap (Odile Jacob, 2020), evokes the “first horizontal generation” against them.

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Hummingbird air pollution (©Thomas Burion)

As she said to The Obs, there is a real break of these young people with their previous generations: “Until now, she says, young people were built in opposition or confrontation with the model imposed by the previous generation. The current generation does not confront or oppose previous generations, it is simply outside of them. This generation is the first to be born with the internet and to have formed through social networks. She is the product of a new generation, she seeks approval from peers (horizontality) and no longer from elders (verticality). »

And the sociologist commented further on this situation: “There has been an unprecedented and radical break between these young people and their elders, both in terms of values ​​and tastes and ways of doing things, thinking and looking at the world. The oldest are seen as nice old people who are a bit overwhelmed, especially because of the digital divide. On the other side, the youngsters show incredible dexterity. There is then the need for a transmission that takes place from bottom to top, which is rather unprecedented. However, communication has never been so complicated between generations who no longer speak the same language. »

Claudine Attias-Donfut further explains that young people reproach their predecessors for leaving them a very sick planet, hence “a lively questioning of the culture of the elders”.

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“Young people for the climate” demonstration in the capital of Europe: certain slogans are becoming more radical (Photo Pierre Guelff).

This youth is therefore committed to repairing the pots broken by their elders. Historically, explains the sociologist again, young people have rather claimed freedom of opinion, expression or conscience, but today’s young people are less attached to these freedoms, they are politicized in a different way and show a certain mistrust of towards what are called the elites. To do this, it is aware of the climatic, economic and geopolitical risks that we are experiencing, it takes up these challenges. This confidence in her own abilities is gratifying, she concludes.

It remains to instil in this youth that walking is still preferable to the gyroscopic wheel, and that everything digital, including artificial intelligence, is a very serious danger of the disappearance of free will, reflection and democracy.

Concepts that previous generations fought for in the name of freedom of thought and life.

1651335756 567 Intelligence decline and the digital divide

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Intelligence decline and the digital divide

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