“Is it left or right? » : how to guess the political orientation of anything and everything

Are you a fan of Twitter twists? So you have certainly seen the hashtag #CestDeGaucheOuDeRight trending these days. If the opposition between the left and the political right is not very surprising, one wonders all the same what this can hide. What can be left or right?

Well to believe this artificial intelligence created by Théo Delemazure, the answer is simple: anything and everything. Available from Tuesday, October 4, the website Is it left or right?invented by the young French student, you gives the “political category” of any word, proper name or expression.

An artificial intelligence that classifies words in the political spectrum

On paper, the principle is very simple: artificial intelligence is trained to judge whether the word typed in the search engine is rather connoted left or right. Pure chance or real estimate? On the site, we can read that the answers are generated “ with the help of your feedback (agree/disagree)”. artificial intelligence is therefore inspired by requests from Internet users and their returns to choose between left and right.

In interview with the Huffington PostThéo Delemazure explains: “ The more the word is known, the more precise it is. Example: the first name Jean-Luc is on the left quite logically “. On the other hand, as soon as the entered word is less known, it is much more random, ” but you have to be aware that there will always be a part of randomness “, he adds.

Which words are the most searched?

Heading of the most searched words, we obviously find French politicians. The French president takes first place in the ranking of requests: “ At first, in the AI ​​responses, Macron was left or right, but it definitely shifted to the right “, explains the young developer to the Huffington Post. Although their political personality is in theory beyond doubt, Fabien Roussel, Eric Zemmour or Jean-Luc Melenchon also rank among the most searched names.

But artificial intelligence actually works with any word. You want to know if your neighbor is left or right? The site will answer you, but be careful, we do not guarantee the reliability of the result… ” Sex also ranks in the top 10 “, underlines Théo Delemazure.

A delirium between friends that led to the buzz

Play Mölkky, is it left or right? And wear moccasins? If you are interested in politics at all, you have certainly already played this game, which clearly points to the stereotypes of left and right people. And that’s exactly how Théo got the idea to create his site: ” It all starts with discussions with my friends. They usually have fun with this concept on any topicsays the 23-year-old apprentice coder who lives and studies in Paris. It’s clearly for fun “.

The computer science doctoral student did not expect great success from his platform, but it was without counting on the social network Twitter, which immediately had fun with the new game. The number of requests on the site exploded very quicklyup to 30,000 per hour according to its creator. While waiting for access to the site to become possible again, you can still use the bot @LeftRightBot via hashtag #ItsLeftOrRight to get your answer.

We want to say thanks to the author of this write-up for this incredible web content

“Is it left or right? » : how to guess the political orientation of anything and everything

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