“Is it left or right? », the story behind this site which divides everyone

AFP / Editing The HuffPost Fabien Roussel is on the left and Emmanuel Macron is on the right for the website created by Théo Delemazure and called “Is it guahce or right? “.

AFP / Editing The HuffPost

Fabien Roussel is on the left and Emmanuel Macron is on the right for the website created by Théo Delemazure and called “Is it guahce or right? “.

POLITICS – The eternal political divide between left and right in politics still has many good years ahead of it, according to the reactions to the website ” Is it left or right? “. Available since Tuesday October 4, this site invented by a young French student is literally dividing each word, proper name or expression into two categories.

It works on a childish principle: a trained artificial intelligence judges whether the word typed in the search engine has more of a left or right connotation. Its creator, Théo Delemazure has agreed to come back for The HuffPost behind the scenes of its creation and the unexpected success of this little tool capable of classifying tasselled moccasins on the left of the political spectrum and beer on the right.

“The first name Jean-Luc is quite logically on the left”

“It all starts with discussions with my friends. They are used to having fun with this concept on any topic”, says the 23-year-old apprentice coder who lives and studies in Paris. According to him, this little game is even “common among young politicized people”. The idea then came to him to develop a site assisted by an artificial intelligence to materialize the hobby of his band of friends. ” It’s clearly for fun “, Theo immediately defuses.

But how does it really work “Is it left or right? “. To sum up his invention, Theo declares: “The more the word is known, the more precise it is. Example: the first name Jean-Luc is quite logically on the left”. On the other hand, as soon as the entered word is less known, it is much more random, “but you have to be aware that there will always be a part of randomness”, he adds.

This computer science doctoral student, who is also hiding behind the parody Twitter account “Out of Context National Assembly” explains that the site’s online success quickly forced him to opt for a less precise model: ” When the buzz was light, the responses really matched the search word. But when the site started to explode on social networks, I had to switch to a slightly less precise model, given the number of requests. Otherwise I was going to have to pay very expensive adds Theo. He slips that he should have paid the sum of 600 euros, if he wanted to continue using the first model.

Victim of its own success, the site has had major connection problems since Wednesday, faced with the influx of requests on the site, “up to 30,000 per hour”. Theo then explains that his site limits the number of requests per minute, explaining the error message that sometimes appears on the screen.

Fabien Roussel is on the heels of Macron

At the top of the most searched words, the French president logically comes first. “At first, in the AI ​​responses, Macron was left or right, but it definitely went right”, notes the young developer. Behind Emmanuel Macron, it is strangely Fabien Roussel, the former Communist Party candidate for the 2022 presidential election who takes second place.

Among the other most sought-after results, we find a jumble of Manuel Valls, Eric Zemmour, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, or the personal pronoun moi. “Sex also ranks in the top 10”underlines Théo Delemazure.

Last novelty since this Wednesday: the addition of two buttons to express its agreement or its disagreement with the result of the research. “Beer is right-wing and a lot of people obviously don’t agree”, he adds. The drink ranks just behind Fabien Roussel in the results ” disagree “.

If artificial intelligence memorizes the results, it is nonetheless fallible. If certain clothing clichés are tough in political life, Théo’s site has another opinion concerning moccasins with tassels or the sweater tied on the shoulders, all classified on the left.

“The model must not be on point regarding the style of dress”, recognizes Théo, still amused by the sometimes surprising results of his site. Attentive to not offending anyone, the creator of “Is it left or right? » delivers a final confession: the « at the same time popularized by Emmanuel Macron also exists on his site. “I didn’t hide any surprises on the site, on the other hand some words are right and left, such as kindness, Earth, good, evil or France. History not to totally skew the results”.

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“Is it left or right? », the story behind this site which divides everyone

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