Lemken exceeds 400 million in 2021 – FARM Connexion

With more 22% compared to the 2020 financial year, Lemken closed its 2021 campaign with 446 million euros in turnover, a record in 242 years of existence.

Orders received exceeded our expectations said partner Nicola Lemken and managing director Anthony van der Ley. ” Most farmers and agricultural contractors have benefited above all from the consistently high agricultural commodity sales prices and have therefore invested in modern professional agricultural equipment. In this positive situation, the restrictions imposed by the Covid measures, combined with more difficult material supplies and rising purchasing costs, presented special challenges which were overcome together thanks to very good teamwork. . Production was thus able to be maintained as well as possible throughout the year and almost all orders were delivered on time. » The number of employees employed worldwide has therefore accompanied this demand and has increased to 1,697.

heading to the world

Despite difficult conditions, the German market remained at a high level. The good sales of seed drills compensated for the disappearance of the range of sprayers. Steketee, the young subsidiary specializing in mechanical weeding (which also offers localized spraying solutions) has taken advantage of this enthusiasm and is in turn experiencing good progress in its business. The share of exports has increased to 81%, as almost all foreign markets have developed very well. Overseas markets, including Canada, the United States, Oceania and South Africa, have developed favourably. In the United States, Lemken set up its own distribution and service base near Des Moines last year to better organize the growing demand.

For the current year 2022, the agricultural machinery specialist is on the one hand affected by the war situation in Ukraine, not only on the economic level but also and above all on the human level, due to his long-standing relationship date with this important agricultural market, and hopes that this conflict will end as soon as possible. On the other hand, the full order book, which also includes all other market segments and which still benefits from high producer prices, means that this risk can be mitigated and employment will be guaranteed at the manufacturing. In this context, Lemken expects a high and constant level of turnover.

A vast program

In 2022, Lemken will continue its program of excellence at the historic factory in Alpen to make assembly and manufacturing even more flexible and modern. The assembly site in Haren, which was successfully relaunched in 2021 for seed drills, will be significantly expanded in order to be able to meet the high demand and build the many new models planned. For the Steketee mechanical weeding tools, Lemken is building a completely new future-oriented factory in the South of Holland, which is scheduled to open in the third quarter of 2023.

The Heliodor compact disc cultivator with slurry spreader, as well as the Karat 10 tine cultivator with upstream discs will be launched on the market in 2022. In the cultivating equipment segment, Lemken and Steketee present the automatic intra-row cultivator IC -Weeder in its version with artificial intelligence. For the autumn season, the Solitair DT presents itself as a completely new trailed seed drill combination. Also of interest is the carbon farming research project. In this context, the German manufacturer is developing, in collaboration with the Leibniz Agricultural Research Center, a plow that permanently fixes CO2 in the deep layers of the soil and thus increases the humus content in the working horizon in the long term. Lemken has just presented a development concept for the autonomous use of the tool, with the aim of securing and optimizing the treatment process via the carried tool, thanks to sensor monitoring and technology cameras.

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Lemken exceeds 400 million in 2021 – FARM Connexion

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