Multisearch, the novelty that will revolutionize your searches on Google

Google is constantly improving its search engine to make it easy for us to find answers to our questions. Today, in addition to keyword searches, the Mountain View firm also offers a visual search engine: Google Lens.

As a reminder, Lens analyzes the photos or screenshots that you send to it, and returns information on the object or objects present in the image. For example, if you photograph a plant, Google Lens will give you its name, as well as links to pages allowing you to have more information on the subject.

Multisearch: the Google feature that will save you a lot of time

And this week, Google is announcing a new feature called “multisearch” that combines visual search with keyword search.

“At Google, we’re always thinking up new ways to help you find the information you’re looking for, even if it’s hard to articulate what you need. That’s why today we’re introducing a whole new way to search: using text and images at the same time. With multi-search in Lens, you can go beyond the search box and ask questions about what you see”explains Belinda Zeng, product manager of Google Search.

Google Multisearch: how does it work?

Unfortunately, for the moment, this search which allows you to combine an image and a keyword is still available in beta only in the United States. According to Google, the feature is currently offered on Google apps for iOS and Android.

When the user opens the Google app, they can do a visual search by tapping the Google Lens icon. He can then either take a photo or search from an image saved on his smartphone.

The novelty is that as part of this beta test in the United States, Google has added a “+ Add to your search” button, which allows you to add text to Google’s search.

For example, if the user found a dress on an e-commerce site, they can search for that dress’s image on Google Lens and then add the text “green” to their search. Taking this keyword into account, Google Lens will therefore search for the same dress, but in green.

The user can also take a photo of their dining room, search on Lens, and add the keyword “coffee table”. The search engine will then look for links to matching tables.

Another example indicated by Google: the user can photograph a plant, search for it on Google Lens, and add the keyword “maintenance”.

According to the firm, if this functionality is possible, it is thanks to its recent advancements in artificial intelligence. But unfortunately, for the moment, we don’t know when the multisearch will come out of its beta. And we don’t know when this new way of doing research online will be available in French.

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Multisearch, the novelty that will revolutionize your searches on Google

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