Novaxia Investissement launches a fund dedicated to life sciences and future technologies

Joachim Azan
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Novaxia Investissement announces the launch of Novaxia Vista, the first “solidarity and responsible fund for better living thanks to the real estate of life sciences and technologies of the future”. Already labeled SRI, this new investment fund opens for the first time to savers the possibility of investing in real estate of life sciences and technologies of the future through life insurance and savings plans. pension, with the support of Apicil, Generali Patrimoine, Spirica, Suravenir and Vie Plus.

Novaxia Vista’s ambition is to recycle obsolete and empty assets into science and technology real estate. Through the launch of this new fund, Novaxia intends in particular to respond to the lack of real estate assets suitable for medical research in France (laboratories, research centers, incubators, etc.). “According to an Urban Land Institute survey, 60% of life sciences players consider that the lack of real estate is the main obstacle to their development in France. The production of these premises is becoming a necessity in France and in Europe. »

An annualized performance of 5%

Novaxia specifies that its new fund will buy, develop and lease assets in France and Europe to diversified tenants from SMEs to large private or public groups in the fields of life sciences (biotechnology, pharmaceutical products, research laboratories health, etc.) and technologies of the future (environmental sciences, sustainable agriculture, soft mobility, artificial intelligence, etc.).

Novaxia Vista will be marketed by the end of October 2022. It aims for an annualized performance of 5% “thanks to the complementarity of two performance drivers: yield investments and development investments resulting from urban recycling”, underlines Novaxia.

Joachim Azan, founding president of Novaxia declares: “With the launch of Novaxia Vista, we are ready today to develop real estate and services that still do not exist in France in the service of the development of biotech and future technologies. . France needs to regain its medical sovereignty and must reindustrialize in the life sciences sector. Supporting the France 2030 plan means creating optimal conditions for research. To do this, the main brake must be lifted, that of suitable real estate combined with tailor-made services. Since 2017 and the Hôtel-Dieu transformation project, we have been closely studying the Life Sciences and Future Technologies market, in connection with all the players in the ecosystem, in France and in the States. United States, the United Kingdom or the Netherlands. On the strength of these exchanges and our partnerships, this is what we are going to do with passion with the teams of Novaxia Investissement and Novaxia Développement. »

“Novaxia Investissement, whose raison d’être is to “develop investment in urban recycling for the benefit of the greatest number”, has chosen to open this investment, usually reserved for institutional investors to savers through a unit account available in life and PER insurance contracts, says Mathilde Krieger, CEO of Novaxia Investissement. To meet the demand of investors looking for funds combining responsible investment and profitability, we have worked to label this SRI fund as soon as it is marketed and will devote 5 to 10% of the collection to solidarity investments. We are very happy to count among our partners for the marketing of this pioneering fund the insurers: Apicil, Generali Patrimoine, Spirica, Suravenir and Vie Plus. »

“The Novaxia group has set up a real estate division dedicated to life sciences, to meet 3 major objectives: 1. provide an appropriate service with, for example, temperature maintenance, air renewal, humidity in laboratories, secure areas, etc. 2. Build new m² adapted to support tenant growth, 3. promote synergies between tenants to optimize research and development conditions,” explains Aude Landy-Berkowitz, CEO of Novaxia Development.

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Novaxia Investissement launches a fund dedicated to life sciences and future technologies

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