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Posted on Friday, September 23, 2022

Servier, an international pharmaceutical group, and Oncodesign Precision Medicine (OPM), a subsidiary of Oncodesign specializing in precision medicine, announce a collaborative research agreement, called “STarT Pancreas”, for the identification and validation of new therapeutic targets aimed at the development of new treatments for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC).

For a period of 3 years, the agreement between Oncodesign Precision Medicine and Servier provides for two stages:

. the initial co-development that will allow the identification of targets from the generation of data based on the OncoSNIPE® clinical trial;

. experimental validation of discoveries resulting from artificial intelligence;

With the option for Servier to initiate alone, or within the framework of a new partnership with Oncodesign Precision Medicine, a drug discovery program for each of the targets selected by Servier.

Under the terms of the agreement, Servier and OPM (through its OncoSNIPE® program) will be in charge of clinical research activities. Servier will finance the associated research costs. Funding for the target identification program will be provided by OPM and Servier.

Servier has an exclusive option of an exclusive worldwide license on the results of the program, which can be exercised as soon as the targets are identified. If Servier does not exercise the option, OPM recovers an exclusive option on an exclusive license on certain categories of targets. OPM will receive an initial payment of €0.5 million and a second payment of €0.5 million, no later than December 31, 2024, subject to the achievement of certain objectives, as well as other milestone payments until ‘upon validation of the entry into Phase 1 of the drug candidate(s).

Dr Philippe Genne, Chairman and CEO and Founder of Oncodesign: “We are very happy with this original collaboration with the Servier group, in the continuity of the interactions developed for more than 25 years, it is a historical partner of Oncodesign and now of OPM. This collaboration is a direct result of our investment since 2017 in AI technologies as part of the OncoSNIPE® project. It is a highly symbolic collaboration contract for OPM which validates the interest of the technological developments carried out over the past 5 years, it will allow us to structure and strengthen our platform and our data bank with very high quality data. OPM may keep the rights to certain targets that Servier does not wish to work on. We are happy to be able to bring our innovation based on Artificial Intelligence for precision medicine. »

Dr Stéphane Gerart, Artificial Intelligence Director of Oncodesign: “OPM’s experience in oncology and observational clinical trial management associated with Servier’s ambition will enable the implementation of an innovative program for the identification and validation of therapeutic targets by pooling our Artificial Intelligence and experimental approaches.

Dr. Walid S. Kamoun, Oncology R&D Director of Servier: “We are delighted to initiate this collaboration with OPM, and to contribute to the development of an AI-based data analysis solution that will help us identify new therapeutic targets in ductal adenocarcinoma of the pancreas, a dreaded and growing cancer in developed countries. This partnership is in line with the Group’s strategy, which has made oncology one of its strategic priorities, targeting difficult-to-treat cancers for which treatment options are limited. »

Dr Jean-Philippe Stephan, Director of Servier’s in vitro pharmacology research unit: “The STarT Pancreas program, co-developed with OPM, places patient data at the heart of research activities. Our goal is to establish a highly dynamic Artificial Intelligence analytical platform, which continuously adapts based on patient-derived data and experimental validation of identified targets, to accelerate precision drug discovery programs. . »

Pancreatic cancer is considered one of the most difficult cancers to treat effectively, due to its insidious symptoms and high degree of malignancy resulting in a high mortality rate. In 2018 in France, pancreatic cancer was the 9th most common cancer in men and the 7th most common cancer in women. The number of new cases in France is estimated at 14,184 per year1. Treatment needs are great, because the incidence of pancreatic cancer is increasing year by year.

Source : servant / Oncodesign

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» Pancreatic cancer: Oncodesign Precision Medicine and Servier will collaborate to discover new therapeutic targets MyPharma Editions

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