Pioneering cooperation in research: Medi-Globe Group and IHU Strasbourg develop the world’s first AI software for the detection of pancreatic diseases

ACHENMÜHLE, Germany, April 29, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Medi-Globe group has just launched a pioneering research cooperation with the Institut Hospitalo-Universitaire (IHU) in Strasbourg. The goal of the collaboration is to develop the world’s first AI-powered software for the detection of pancreatic diseases during endoscopic ultrasound examinations. As an industrial partner of the IHU, the Medi-Globe group thus reinforces its role as a leader in innovation in minimally invasive therapies and diagnostics.

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Groundbreaking research cooperation completed: The Medi-Globe Group and the IHU Strasbourg are developing the world’s first AI software for detecting pancreatic diseases. Marc Jablonowski (5th from left), CTIO at the Medi-Globe Group and Dr. Markus Schönberger (5th from right), Director Business Development at the Medi-Globe Group, and the team and the CEO of IHU, Benoit Gallix (4th from right) are delighted. Copyright: Medi-Globe Group

Martin Lehner, CEO of the Medi-Globe Group: “Together with researchers at the IHU, we will develop the world’s first software for the diagnosis of pancreatic pathologies with a view to bringing it to market. Here, the key technology is artificial intelligence.”

“We are delighted to announce this special partnership with the Medi-Globe Group. This collaboration is an important step in achieving our goal of becoming a technology leader in the application of artificial intelligence to the field of early detection of diseases. pancreatic diseases. Our ambition is to provide technologies that help physicians achieve better outcomes for their patients,” says Benoit Gallix, CEO of IHU Strasbourg.

An important milestone in the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer

Diseases of the pancreas can have serious consequences for patients and are difficult to diagnose. Early detection plays a crucial role in the patient’s chances of survival. Today, more than 90 percent of patients die from pancreatic cancer in Europe.

“In the future, with the support of artificial intelligence, we will be able to make the experience of the world’s leading gastroenterologists available to all doctors. Our successful cooperation with the IHU has the potential to revolutionize the diagnosis of pancreatic diseases,” said Marc Jablonowski, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer (CTIO) for Medi-Globe Group.

About Medi-Globe Group

The Medi-Globe Group is an innovative, fast growing and internationally oriented medical technology group in the fields of urology, gastroenterology and pulmonology. Its headquarters are in Achenmuehle, Bavaria. Around 670 employees work for the Medi-Globe Group in Germany, France, the Czech Republic, China, Brazil, the Netherlands and Austria. Its customers include university clinics, specialist clinics, specialized medical institutions and specialists in gastroenterology, urology and pulmonology in approximately 120 countries. The managing directors are Martin Lehner (CEO), Christian Klein (COO), Dr. Nikolaus König (CFO) and Marc Jablonowski (Chief Technology and Information Officer).

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Pioneering cooperation in research: Medi-Globe Group and IHU Strasbourg develop the world’s first AI software for the detection of pancreatic diseases

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