R. Ginioux (Ferrandi): ‘We are developing activity in higher education and the student component’

You took up your duties as head of Ferrandi in March 2022. What are the main priorities of your mandate?

We are going to develop the activity on higher education, which began to take shape eight years ago with a bachelor’s degree and then an MSc (master of science). We are going to expand this offer, even beyond with a BBA (bachelor in business administration).

We also want to spread our training through a territorial network. We have just opened a campus in Dijon and another will open in Rennes in November. We also have expansion projects in Bordeaux and other areas.

On the research side, we have researchers publishing for Ferrandi, and a new director of research is coming in September. We will expand our research team and intensify our existing collaboration with ESCP.

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Do you plan to recruit new researchers to expand the team? What are the publication topics?

We do not plan to recruit for the moment but rather to mobilize the doctors we have, some of whom may have been “dormant” because they had not been solicited previously.

Among the subjects that we wish to cultivate, there is in particular artificial intelligence as well as the problems of hotel management. We already have doctors working on these themes.

We also conduct dual research on education and industry and on topics such as food marketing, on sustainability and on seasonality.

You have just opened a new campus in Dijon, in the International City of Gastronomy and Wine (CIGV). What are the particularities of this campus?

This establishment creates a dynamic in the curriculum and in student life. On the training side, we offer courses for the population of Dijon and the regions. There are no prerequisites in terms of studies, our courses are aimed at people in retraining or who have an appetite for our subjects. The level is therefore beginner, for courses of three to four months. That said, we are also going to set up the hotel and restaurant management bachelor’s degree in Dijon from the start of the 2023 school year.

And we are also thinking of international students for whom we offer training at all levels and in different disciplines: bakery, pastry, culinary and tomorrow the new wine range. We are also considering a top-of-the-range program between Bordeaux and champagne. Our students will travel internationally to see Spanish, Italian and possibly Hungarian vineyards. This wine program will be offered from 2023.

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And for the student life aspect, what is the added value of this campus?

Around the Dijon campus, there is an offer of catering and sale of high-end products : Spanish hams, high level meats and cheeses…

There is also a gourmet bookshop and a museum with temporary and permanent exhibitions. All this makes it possible to offer live workshops to our learners, it is extremely interesting.

More generally, do you plan to open new courses at the start of the school year?

The hotel and restaurant management bachelor’s degree – which opens in Dijon in 2023 – will also be deployed in Saint-Gratien and Bordeaux in 2023 or 2024. We would also like to set up in other regions, in particular the south-east and north-east of France in 2024–2025. In the following years, we plan to open our master’s management to all campuses.

We are also preparing the creation of a new master. At the moment, we have nothing after the Bachelor Culinary Arts and Entrepreneurship. We are losing these students, whereas for the bachelor’s degree in management, we have a master’s degree for the continuation of their studies. We will thus have a complete course from bachelor to master on the culinary side and on the management side.

Are you going to develop your international partnerships? With what objectives?

We have major projects in progress, both on the extension of our licenses abroad and on support for the creation of a school. We are going to relocate our bachelors and MSc abroad.

We have signed a partnership with Saudi Arabia for a bachelor’s degree which opened a year ago. Otherwise, we recently signed for a relocation project of our bachelor in Vietnama program that will see the light of day in 2023 or 2024. We also have a Mooc project with Côte d’Ivoire and we have been approached by Tunisia.

What are your plans for student life?

We are leading a cross-functional project for students, employees and partners of the school. On the student side, the project is based on the creation of new spaces. For example in Paris, there will be a room dedicated to student life. We want it to be disruptive, fun and relaxed, in the spirit of Mama Shelter and Big Mama. There will be a “relaxation” area with cushions, sofas, musical instruments, table football, film screenings…

This place will be for students only, unless they want to invite members of the teaching and administrative staff for events. This space will be ready for the first half of 2022.

We will also vegetate the yard with aromatic plants, between June and September. And redo the ground floor with a dedicated entrance for students and an app store… There are a lot of big projects related to my taking up my position.

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R. Ginioux (Ferrandi): ‘We are developing activity in higher education and the student component’

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