Rethinking energy consumption in servers

[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] In a quest for efficiency and savings, 2CRSi builds computing and virtualization servers that are more responsible in their energy consumption. An innovative approach explained to us by Alain Wilmouth, President and CEO of 2CRSi.

What IT solutions does 2CRSi offer?

2CRSi is a manufacturer of computer servers. We design products dedicated to the calculation and storage of data, in data centers or on site with large companies and institutions. The areas of use range from High Performance Computing (HPC) to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or even the storage and management of sensitive data.

The name stands for Consulting, Design, Research and IT Service. With my brother, we had created 2CRSi to make our 20 years of experience in IT available to large groups.

Today, we have a new line of products which is developing strongly, products aimed at reducing the electricity consumption of data centers. These are servers, but also all the related infrastructure, to go so far as to offer some customers turnkey data centers, with energy consumption up to 60% lower than a conventional data center.

How do your performance issues intertwine with environmental issues?

The more we perform at the level of the electronic component, the more energy we will consume. Maintaining the performance, we decided to change the way of cooling the components. A few years ago, we realized that 35% of computer consumption was used by electrical conversion components, which was just to reduce the cost. Since then, European standards require that there is no more than 8% loss.

In 2017, we launched the Octopus range. We decided to mix different standards in terms of servers. The goal was to reduce energy consumption, for the green side, but above all for cost reduction. In traditional air, for example, our system reduces energy consumption by 23% compared to comparable systems on the market. We’ve pooled power and cooling features, and replaced them with fans that are 25 times more efficient in size.

Since 2013, we have also been replacing air cooling systems with even more virtuous systems, in liquid cooling, especially the immersion. These solutions allow us to achieve up to 70% reduction in energy consumption.

How do the various production crises impact you?

Every crisis becomes an opportunity if we have the agility to seize it. At the end of 2019, we had bought an English company, we had sales people cut out to go to customers, and just after there was the Covid. Despite this, we have progressed in terms of numbers, by 18% last year, even if it was less than we hoped.

Recently, we announced a contract for ten thousand servers, of which almost 50% of the products come from the circular economy. We have bought several thousand servers from partner data centers that we operate, and we are going to modify and readapt them by reintroducing new components. If it hadn’t been for the current shortage in electronics, the customer might never have accepted.

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Rethinking energy consumption in servers

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