Singapore and Israel sign artificial intelligence cooperation agreement

Singapore’s Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan and Israel’s Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology Orit Farkash-Hacohen signed a memorandum of understanding on cross-border cooperation in artificial intelligence on 21 last March during a visit by the Singaporean minister to Israel.

The city-state and Israel established ties even before their diplomatic relations were formalized in 1969.

Singapore, a British trading post, freed from its colonial status in 1959, joined the Federation of Malaysian States in 1963 but was excluded from it in 1965, finding itself isolated. Israel then helped Singapore to build an army but the latter sought to conceal the presence of the Hebrew military advisers because of its relations with its neighbors, Malaysia and Indonesia, countries with large Muslim populations. Even today, Singapore tends to minimize its ties with Israel and aims to maintain good relations both with this country and with Muslim countries.

Singaporean Minister Vivian Balakrishnan visited the Middle East last March. He went to the Palestinian Territories, Bahrain and Israel. He also said:

“Singapore has long and principled support for a negotiated two-state solution, in accordance with relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions, with Israel and Palestine living side by side in peace and security, in order to achieve a solution. sustainable, fair and comprehensive. »

The artificial intelligence cooperation agreement between Singapore and Israel

Vivian Balakrishnan stayed three days in Israel. In a meeting with Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, he announced that Singapore intended to open an embassy in Tel Aviv to “Serve as a focal point and support Singaporean companies looking to establish their collaboration with potential Israeli partners. »

Military advisers had begun to leave the city-state in the mid-1970s, but the two countries nevertheless established relations in the arms industry, defense and technology sectors. For example, the Singapore-Israel Foundation for Industrial Research and Development (SIIRD) was established in 1997 and has funded around 190 projects.

During this visit, Vivian Balakrishnan said that “ Singapore and Israel are expected to deepen their collaboration in emerging areas such as agri-food technology, health technology, AI and digitalization as the world emerges from the pandemic. »

The AI ​​Memorandum of Understanding

Dr Balakrishnan also met with Israeli Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology Orit Farkash-Hacohen. Both have signed a memorandum of understanding on AI cooperation between the Smart Nation and Digital Government Office of Singapore and the Israeli Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology.

According to a statement from the Singaporean Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “The MoU signals the intention of both countries to accelerate cross-border AI collaborations and supports the development and deployment of AI for the collective benefit. »

Singapore and Israel intend to strengthen their cooperation in the emerging fields of innovation and technology, but also in those of trade, investment, research and education.

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Singapore and Israel sign artificial intelligence cooperation agreement

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