Staffing management: PickYourSkills raises 8 million euros from MAIF Avenir and Kerala

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The PickYourSkills start-up relies on MAIF Avenir and Kerala to accelerate its development with priorities given to recruitment and the pursuit of R&D. Update with CEO Arnaud Caldichoury.

The PickYourSkills founding team: Etienne Caldichoury, Arnaud Caldichoury, Arnaud Cammas – © DR

PickYourSkills targets companies that increasingly work in project mode. Their work organization becomes more agile and horizontal. They need a digital tool to plan projects and mobilize HR optimally”declares Arnaud CaldichouryCEO and co-founder of PickYourSkills.

In March 2022, the digital process management platform for staffing has buckled a fundraising of 8 million euros with the corporate investment fund MAIF Avenir and the venture capital firm Kerala.

“Most of the funding will be used:

  • to recruitment. We want to double the workforce from 35 to 70 people by the end of 2022, with a sales and marketing focus for our development in France and Europe, in particular Germany and the United Kingdom.
  • continuing our R&D for more efficient planning”says Arnaud Caldichoury.

Created in 2018, PickYourSkills has 100 clients, including Capgemini Invent and the R&D division of the EDF group, and 50,000 users of its HR allocation tool to build or consolidate teams in companies. The start-up plans to “double its turnover and its number of customers in 2022”.

Harnessing AI for more efficient planning

The PickYourSkills digital platform uses a pair of thematic HR management modules.

Side staffinghere are the bricks available:

  • HR allocation process and request,
  • search engine & project teams,
  • automatic CV expertise,
  • reporting.

Side skillshere are the elements available in its catalog:

  • dynamic management,
  • centralization of aspirations,
  • career path and mobility,
  • evaluation and feedback,
  • reporting.

“We are looking to increase the performance of our platform in a ‘simple, smart and scalable’ way through the use of machine learning (artificial intelligence approach) to make planning more efficient. Behind it, there is a lot of R&D intelligence for the automation of tasks and the consideration by our algorithms of project constraints, budgets, dates, skills, geographies, aspirations… in order to determine the best scenarios”says Arnaud Caldichoury.

The search for the rapid movement of skills within companies

With its staffing process management platform available in the cloud (SaaS mode), PickYourSkills primarily aims to:

  • BU operational managers,
  • managers,
  • the project managers.
  • “Then the HRDs are quickly put in the loop for the follow-up of skills concerning essentially white collar workers”specifies the CEO of the start-up.

“We are more about project staffing than internal mobility in large companies and ETIs. The difference lies in the frequency of resource allocations to launch projects quickly. This is an expensive alternative to freelancing. We are talking about movements in weeks or months, while internal mobility concerns more of the medium term in a career path. »

The PickYourSkills business model is based on an annual subscription which takes into account:

  • the number of users of the digital platform (scale by user levels),
  • the number of activated modules (schedule, commitment, reconciliation of the two).

A little tour of the competition

From Arnaud Caldichoury’s point of view, the main competitors of PickYourSkills are:

• in the USA : mavenlink in the “resource management” category. “We sometimes meet them in France on big calls for tenders”specifies the CEO of PickYourSkills.
• in Europe : eLamp, Visual Planning / Stilog IST (France) and Resource Guru (UK).

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Staffing management: PickYourSkills raises 8 million euros from MAIF Avenir and Kerala

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