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Venerable among the ancients, the browser game OGame does not seem about to die, quite the contrary! On the occasion of his twentieth anniversarythe baby of Gameforge offers his first extension titled Forms of life.

In addition to many new features, it will also introduce new factions, including aliens ! These new arrivals will provide players with technologies such as buildings, allowing for greater synergy. Whether it’s miners or raiders, all types of gameplay will be turned upside down by these new features.

Four species will be present:

  • Humans : this life form is available to all players from the start. Thanks to the development of hyperspace propulsion in the 21st century, humans have spread throughout the universe. They get along well with other peoples and thus manage to maintain excellent commercial relations. Humans are versatile and give players a first taste of different technologies. They are the only people who can discover other forms of life.
  • Roctas : this form of life inhabits inhospitable planets whose orbit is close to their sun. With a slowed metabolism and mineral skin, these beings resist extreme heat. Roctas are skilled miners and allow for increased resource and energy production. They also have the ability to convert fleets destroyed in attacks on their planets into resources.
  • Mechs: Controlled by an emotionless artificial intelligence, the Mechs have the sole purpose of enslaving all other life forms, stealing their resources and improving their own production. They reproduce faster than other life forms because they are made in factories. The advantages and abilities of the Mechs allow them to speed up the construction of ships. Also, they pick up more ships with higher combat power in battles.
  • Kaeleshs: due to their innate thirst for discovery, most Kaelesh spend their lives traveling across the infinite universe in search of their fellows. They specialize in technologies that enhance exploration. Therefore, they conduct expeditions and research faster, which allows them to obtain more resources. The Kaelesh have developed a deep understanding of the universe, they create moons with greater probability and enlarge the moons of the planets they inhabit.

Lifeforms will also include new buildings, technologies and resources, as you can see below:

  • 48 new buildings, 12 per life form: players start as humans with 12 buildings. As they grow, it is possible for them to discover and study new species so they can construct more buildings.

  • 72 new people-specific technologies, 18 per life form: as they progress through new content, players unlock species-specific tech trees. They can be combined freely in order to improve combat power, research and production, among other things. The more species players discover, the more possibilities they have!
  • Two new resources: lifeforms and food join the game. Players can settle lifeforms on their planet to unlock technologies specific to their people, but they must keep an eye on food production. When life forms consume too much food too quickly, they begin to starve and may even become extinct. Unlike food, life forms cannot be transported or stolen. However, they can die during a successful attack on planets.

No specific release date was offered, but Gameforge talked about the ” next weeks ” on PC… because yes, the platforms are diversify ! After many years of waiting, OGame will also be available on smart phone this end of the year, via a dedicated application. The most eager players can even discover all this in advance thanks to the beta.

And while waiting Forms of lifedo not hesitate to discover the trailer below:

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The legendary OGame announces its arrival on mobile, and an expansion with aliens – Always For Keyboard

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