The Metropolis strengthens its economic exchanges with its twin city Heidelberg and welcomes 4 German companies to Montpellier

From October 17 to 20, 2022, Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole hosted 4 German companies – Badische Peptide & Protéine, Nicarus, Inctec and HD Vision Systems – from the Global Health, digital, innovation and cultural and creative industries sectors .

This approach follows on from the visit of a delegation of start-ups from Montpellier to Heidelberg in Germany last September.

If the year 2021 (60th anniversary of the twinning between Montpellier and Heidelberg) opened up new fields of cooperation, 2022 marks the strengthening of partnerships on the themes of education, mobility and economic development.

Establishing new networks and commercial contacts, exploring new markets, finding synergies between our sectors of excellence, these are the objectives of these exchanges.

“After taking Montpellier companies to Heidelberg for four days, four German companies that took part in this exchange last September came in turn to meet the key players in the sectors of excellence – Cultural and Creative Industries, Global Health, Digital – of the metropolitan ecosystem.

These exchanges mark the first stage of an innovative program of multi-year exchanges supported by the Mayor of Heidelberg and myself and is based on a network of institutional and private actors such as the International Economic Taskforce of Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole , the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Franco-German Business Network RAFAL and the Franco-German Fortnight among others.

It will continue in the coming years to give businesses in both territories access to a solid and dynamic institutional and private international economic development network. emphasizes Michaël DELAFOSSE

Focus on the 4 German companies hosted in Montpellier

1. Badische Peptide & Protein (BPP), BioTech sector

Created in 2020, this young and dynamic Heidelberg start-up specializing in the biotechnological production and analysis of peptides and proteins is mainly aimed at scientific projects, research or product production. The expectations of the company vis-à-vis the mission? BPP can offer companies in Montpellier, green and disruptive technology to manufacture peptide (and protein) chemicals that they cannot afford to add to their final products because they are not available at low cost by methods of known large-scale chemical synthesis.

2. Nicarus, Public Relations & Communication sector

Founded in 2003, Nicarus creates content, including internationally, which it then distributes digitally across all channels to bridge public relations, social media, online marketing and corporate branding. employer. The expectations of the company vis-à-vis the mission? Nicarus is at the head of a European network of communication and public relations management agencies in the broad sense, with a view to conquering European markets for multinational companies. This network is looking for a correspondent on French territory and a relay in terms of media relations.

3. INCTEC, Artificial Intelligence / Automation sector

Inctec brings together software and mechanical engineers to put technology at the service of human needs and help master and automate human tasks. The expectations of the structure regarding this mission? Inctec can intervene on three main perimeters:

  • Industrial manufacturing to optimize quality and productivity through data-driven predictions and maximum transparency.
  • Increasing the security and lifespan of critical infrastructures by analyzing data in real time.
  • Improved compliance and working conditions for people and machinery in the industrial building sector through reduced maintenance costs.

4. HD Vision Systems, Artificial Intelligence / Automation sector

HD Vision Systems supports manufacturing companies in all machine vision issues based on light field technology and machine learning. Quality control, part handling or 3D scanning, their unique combination of hardware and software can extract detailed image information from generated point clouds. Coupled with artificial intelligence and deep learning, this results in powerful machine vision solutions for industrial applications. The expectations of the structure regarding this mission? Meet companies manufacturing raw steel and aluminum machines.

4 days to discover the key players in the sectors of excellence of the metropolitan ecosystem

The Metropolis strengthens its economic exchanges with its twin cityDuring these 4 days, Nicarus was able to visit the Creative City and meet the territory’s communication agencies, an opportunity to discover all the richness of the CCI (Cultural and Creative Industries) sector of the territory. BPP benefited from a presentation of the MEDVALLÉE project, a visit to the MedXCell site and the IRMB.

INCTEC met the actors of the Smart City. Finally, HD Vision Systems met companies and industrialized production sites that work at departmental and regional level thanks to work carried out in conjunction with the Hérault Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Montpellier – Heidelberg, enhanced mobility and education exchanges

In May 2021, Montpellier and Heidelberg celebrated the 60th anniversary of their twinning. Since then, relations between the two territories have been strengthened not only in terms of economic development but also on the themes of mobility and education.

  • Heidelberg takes inspiration from Montpellier and continues experimenting with free local public transport

The City of Heidelberg has been experimenting with free transport since last spring.

Indeed, in the spring of 2022, citizens and visitors to Heidelberg were able to travel for free by bus and tram throughout the city for 4 Saturdays thanks to an envelope of €140,000 set up by the Heidelberg City Council. This test was crowned with success since the use of the public transport network in Heidelberg fell from 15 to 23% on those days and the number of vehicles circulating on the main roads fell by an average of 8%. .

A second stage of experimentation with free public transport was then implemented in Heidelberg from 1 September, consisting of offering reduced social pricing for certain categories of the population. Thus, since September 1, the City of Heidelberg has been offering annual tickets at a reduced rate for which a personal contribution of only €3 per month is requested for pupils under 21, holders of Heidelberg-Pass / Pass + and seniors over 60.

This second stage of experimenting with free transport was made possible by a new subsidy from the City of Heidelberg.
This experimentation with free local public transport inspired by Montpellier will be continued with the final objective of offering free local public transport for all.

  • The schools of Heidelberg and Montpellier strengthen their ties with the signing of a twinning agreement between three schools in each city

On October 2, 2021, during the visit to Montpellier by Eckart WURZNER, Mayor of Heidelberg, the schools of Heidelberg, Montpellier and the Montpellier Academy signed a partnership agreement for the development of educational exchanges, in the presence mayors of Montpellier and Heidelberg.

This partnership reaffirmed the commitment to participate fully in the construction of ambitious Franco-German cooperation in favor of young people and expressed a common desire to promote European citizenship.

Twinned schools:

  • Charles Dickens School in Montpellier (Quartier Les Aiguerelles) and Albert-Schweitzer-Schule in Heidelberg
  • The Heidelberg School in Montpellier (Quartier Mosson) and Waldparkschule in Heidelberg
  • The Ronsard school (Quartier Croix-d’Argent) and Heiligenbergschule in Heidelberg.

During his visit last September to Heidelberg, Michaël DELAFOSSE, Mayor of Montpellier, President of Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole was able to go to the Albert-Schweitzer-Schule school where the pupils were able to wish – by videoconference – their fellow Montpellier residents a back to school and exchange songs in the language of their partners.

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The Metropolis strengthens its economic exchanges with its twin city Heidelberg and welcomes 4 German companies to Montpellier

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