The Palmes de la Médecine: the health actors of the Côte d’Azur rewarded

On Wednesday, November 16, the 4th edition of the Palmes de la Médecine took place, an evening in tribute to the daily work and research carried out by doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, midwives, etc., in the Alpes-Maritimes and in Monaco. What rewards for what actions? A look back at this evening in honor of Côte d’Azur medicine.

Whether they come from the medical, paramedical, private or public sector, the 10 winners were chosen from 70 candidates for their ability to innovate and their commitment to serving health and patients. A selection made in March 2022 by a renowned jury chaired by Professor Pierre Marty and made up of health professionals.

They all have an incredible journey to make some of their friends pale. Despite their many years of study, their desire to learn and enrich the medicine of tomorrow remains insatiable.

Jean Baqué, Senior Clinical Research award

A radiologist, Doctor Baqué specializes in interventional radiology. Thanks to this new technique, “minimally invasive” treatments, without scarring or major anesthesia, are becoming alternatives to surgery that are sometimes less suitable for patients. The Doctor is in particular increasingly called upon for the treatment of uterine or prostatic tumours, which are often benign but painful and bothersome on a daily basis.

Jean-Michel Cucci, patient support award

President of the Council of the Order of Doctors of Monaco, radiologist Jean-Michel Cucci was on the front line during the Covid-19 epidemic. Given his status, he had to decide on the attitude to adapt to be the most effective in the face of this virus. A follow-up medical unit en ville was created, for example, to avoid overcrowding in the hospital, which enabled better care for patients and better organization for caregivers.

Benjamin Essayagh, Junior Clinical Research award

Barely 32 years old, Doctor Essayagh is already making a lot of noise. After receiving the prize for the best young cardiologist researcher in cardiovascular imaging in Europe in 2021, he is this year distinguished by the Palmes de la Médecine. Through his research on cardiac ultrasoundthe Doctor wishes to detect under-treated diseases as soon as possible in order to direct them towards more appropriate treatments.

Patrick Fénichel, Health and Environment award

endocrine disruptors are now unfortunately part of our daily lives. Doctor Fénichel looked into the role they have on the physiological functioning of our hormones. The gynecologist-endocrinologist also assures that they have a link with chronic diseases, fertility or even autism spectrum disorder.

Claude Mariottini, prize for Prevention

When medicine meets music… Doctor Mariottini has combined his two passions to promote the installation of automated external defibrillators everywhere in town. Thanks to the concerts of his group “The Low Budget Men”, the cardiologist-rocker and the other members raise funds to finance defibrillators.

Claude Mariottini will be the guest of “You are great the show“Thursday, December 8 at 10 a.m.

Véronique Mondain, Career award

Infectiologist and head of the integrative medicine department, Doctor Mondain has set up a system to share good antibiotic practices to all health professionals at the Nice University Hospital. Limit the intake of drugs, strengthen bacterial resistance and find alternatives to drug treatments through alternative medicine such as hypnosis and phyto-aromatherapy.

Fabien Rolland, Health and Artificial Intelligence palm

Learn while having fun ! Thanks to PneumoQuiz, Doctor Rolland managed to give a boost to exhausted doctors. The idea: an application filled with nearly 9,000 questions on pneumology for entertainment on public transport or in the waiting room and to challenge yourself alone or with colleagues.

Jean-Marie Salvadori, career prize

President of the Arnault Tzanck Institute in Saint-Laurent-du-Var for 35 years, Doctor Salvatori has worked to bring together the most qualified doctors within the establishment. Personally very involved in blood donationthe Arnault Tzanck Institute, which he directs, offers a grant each year to encourage donation and support blood transfusion research.

Laurence Sérandour, palm exceptional health situation

If the Covid-19 marked France and the whole world, it was all the more impactful for Laurence Sérandour, nurse and vaccination center coordinator of the city of Nice. If since 2010, it has organized vaccination campaigns for seasonal flu, in 2020 it had to manage the opening of sampling centers and the organization of nasopharyngeal and antigenic tests.

Patrick Rampal, Special Jury Prize

A varied career for this multi-faceted doctor! Professor of gastroenterology, former dean of the Faculty of Medicine of Nice and now President of the Scientific Center of Monaco, Doctor Rampal spent 50 years of working for the world of health.

Originally from Champagne, Moya has become a true Nice by adoption. He lives and works in the capital of the Côte d’Azur, which does not hesitate to exhibit his works on either side of the city.

A committed artist, he uses its colorful universe and its childish characters in the service of medicine. In addition to the creation of the Palmes de la Médecine trophy, he is behind a trompe-l’oeil fresco in the thesis room of the Nice medical school. He also dressed the walls and ceilings of the Princess Grace hospital center in Monaco and also left his mark on the Scientific Center of Monaco.

Passionate about the culture of metaverse and the virtual world, Moya leads conferences in France and around the world on this subject and has also written a book “My life in the metaverse”.

The Palmes de la Médecine association organizes throughout the year conferences related to health at the Center Universitaire Méditerranéen. Open to all, they are led by specialist doctors and professors according to the given theme.

After a conference on covid-19, one on research and patient care, December 8it will be dedicated digital technology and artificial intelligence at the service of health.

The program :

  • “A look at artificial intelligence in healthcare establishments” with Doctor Jean-Marc Bereder
  • “Improving the organization of care through digital technology” with Doctor Antoine Tran
  • “The doctor in the digital age” by Doctor Fabien Rolland
  • “Skills and training for the use of digital health” by Professor Pascal Staccini.

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The Palmes de la Médecine: the health actors of the Côte d’Azur rewarded

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