The proof by the image of the CNRS, with 20 breathtaking science photos to discover!

We all know what wheat, bone or even copper looks like. But thanks to researchers, we can see them from a totally different perspective. Here are 20 photos not to be missed as part of a competition organized by the National Center for Scientific Research.

The bamboo forest

These capillary tubes using the bamboo principle generate bubbles in a soapy solution.


Br. Boulogne, A. Commereuc/LPS

A mother’s protection

No, this baby sea lion does not fly, it is only his mother who throws him away from other mothers to avoid any aggression.


I. Charrier/ NeuroPSI

Alien or…

Here is a 13.5 day old mouse embryo showing lymph node formation.


C. Siret, S. van de Pavert/CIML

Microbial mosaic

Artificial intelligence is now able to detect microorganisms such as toxic bacteria that may be present in sterilized milk.


L. Lo Giudice, P. Silberreiss/iCube/ Redberry

3D copper

Take out your 3D glasses to enjoy this photo of copper.


B. Rebière, D. Voiry/ICGM

A tiny constellation

This is not a photo of space, but of a dry liquid foam made with air, soapy water and a container with rough edges.

the starry Night

A. Commereuc, F. Boulogne, E. Rio/LPS

A green cabbage

This photo does not come from your gardener, it is choroid plexuses that secrete the cerebrospinal fluid that protects our precious brain.


S. Blondel/CNRL

The mushroom according to Andy Warhol

Here is a set of four photos with different colorizations to present the Podospora Anserina mushroom. The latter is mainly present on the excrement of herbivores.


C. Bobée, F. Chapeland-Leclerc, E. Herbert, G. Ruprich-Robert, P. David, C. Ledoux, E. Cabet / LIED

water feathers

A photo of the zebrafish. Scientists are trying to understand a disease that causes muscle failure: Bethlem myopathy.


C. Exbrayat-Heriter/ IGFL

Big Brother

No, this eye does not observe you. It’s just a spore found in cattle manure.


F. Watteau, Th. Morvan/OTELO

A beautiful and sad picture

This photo will remind you of your vacation on the islands or the decline of tropical corals. The scientist is studying the bleaching of sea anemones caused by rising temperatures.


A. Haguenauer, F. Zuberer/CRIOBE

A mesmerizing blue

Here is a vision of a hyperbolic universe. Light does not move linearly, but in short curves between two points.


R. Coulon-Irmar/S. Matsumoto-Georgia Tech/ H. Segerman-OSU/S. Trettel-Stanford University

A bone in the library

Here is a microscopic view of a dry bone. With 93% asperity, it has a high resistance.


L. Le Barbenchon/I2M

A tiny galaxy

Here is a neural stem cell that produces two types of profiles: an astrocyte (green) or a neuron (red).


C. Delmas, E. Cohen-Jonathan, L. Ligat/CRCT

The blue of death

Here is a photo of fruit flies of the same age, but the one on the right, covered with this blue dye, has only three days left to live compared to 20 for its neighbor. A biomark that indicates future death.


M. Rera, A. Colibert/B2A-IBPS


Here is a visualization of hyperbolic space and its infinite boundary.


V. Borrelli, R. Denis-ICJ/Fr. Lazarus-G-SCOP/M. Theillière-Univ. Luxembourg/ B. Thibert-LJK

The Rotor Dance

A photo of a rotor equipped with two flexible polyethylene blades which, depending on its rotation, water resistance, inclination, offers a 2.0 vision of YMCA.


A. Eldemerdash, T. Leweke, S. Le Dizès/ IRPHE

The dance of evolution

Here is a 3D reconstruction of the anatomical evolution of the ostracod, a microscopic crustacean, which allows us to understand its evolution according to its environment.


M.-B. Forel, N. Poulet-Crovisier/ CR2P, L. Korat/ ZAG, Slovenia

The skull of our cells

Here is the RUFY3 protein, it destroys everything that is pathogenic in the cell. But if it is too effective, it can also suppress the cell.


R. Char, R. Fabre / CIML

christmas is coming

Here is a phenomenon that the researchers wanted to reproduce: the fall of iron particles which can generate a magnetic field.

snow planet

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The proof by the image of the CNRS, with 20 breathtaking science photos to discover!

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